The Ten-Year Evolution of Halo’s Master Chief

It’s been over ten years since the first Halo game was released, and even longer since we first laid eyes on the Master Chief. A lot has changed since then.

Like, ten years of combat has literally sucked all the colour out of him.

More seriously, I’m slowly coming around to appreciate his armour in Halo 4. When you see it in action, the decrease in plating makes it seem more practical than the BMX padding he was wearing in Combat Evolved.

Not that I’d know. My first-hand experience battling aliens in the future is somewhat limited, so I’m only guessing as to how useful all that stuff really is.

Master chief's evolution [BigBossGamer69 @ Reddit]


    I like the ten year evolution of Cortana. Not only has her cup size swelled, she also mysteriously sprouted toes.

      And she grew out her hair. I liked it better when it was short.

        I just looked up her Halo 4 look, which I hadn't seen before. Damn it 343 Industries, why'd you have to go do that to her.

    The Halo 2 armour still looks the best IMO. Ironically, Halo 2 was the last game I played in the series.

      incorrect, best and only is the first.

        incorrect, Benny's favourite is the 2nd, thanks for playing dnr we hope to see you next time

          Incorrect, Benny obviously is confused, There is only 1 Halo game, and only 1 version of the Armour.
          There have been 3 other "Master chief shooty special fail hard" games, but only 1 HALO game.

            Incorrect, you are a dumb and annoying troll.

              sure mate, get back in your basement shaped box

                sure mate, I'll get back in my apartment overlooking Bondi Beach.

      Funny you should say that, was just thinking the same thing. Don't play Halo much myself but I do like the look of 2's armour.

    Why not include his armour from Reach?

      Probably because Reach wasn't a Master Chief story and he only appeared in an Easter Egg that most people never saw.

        His armour was still in the game that you could wear.


            Just because you have to unlock and buy it doesn't mean it's not in there.

              The fact that Master Chief armour isn't in there means its not in there. Just because its called Mark V or whatever doesn't make it 'Master Chief' armour. Just like how you can't perfectly make yourself look like Emile, Kat, Jun or Jorge, even though you can buy all the distinguishing pieces.

    Less colour! More Gun!

    Funny evolution of his pose in those particular images from holding the gun practically to posing with a gun looking upwards like patriotic propaganda

      And is just me or does the chiefs head slowly tilt upwards each generation?

    I love the new design.
    I AM curious however as to exactly how Chief got this new armour set while sleeping stranded on the arse half of Forward Unto Dawn. Hmm?

    I've always hated the Halo 2 armour... it just looks too detailed, too complicated, and the shape of the visor gives him a permanent "surprised" look... The new armour also looks very complicated, but it seems less out of place...
    As for the Chief's apparent desaturation, if it had been the same armour I'd put it down to the coating on the armour not being weather/radiation/jumping-out-of-orbit -proof.. but it's not, so I've got no idea. Gradual prank by Cortana via some sort of automated paint-sprayer while he was in cryo?

    Still just as bland as the day it was first concepted.

    Look they've matched the armour up to the game! It's getting more boring, as time goes on!

    What's with all the doomguy pictures?

    You know, this image practically epitomizes the current state of first person shooters.
    Take the same concept that worked really well once, slap a shinier wrapper and bigger gun on it and innovate nothing. Keep doing this til people stop spending money on it

    Am liking the new art style - can't wait to see it in action.

    I cant see any difference between them.

      do you play halo?

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