The Tough Women (And Bearded Lady) Of Sailor Moon

A generation of Japanese girls (and, yes, boys) grew up watching the original Sailor Moon anime and reading the manga. No wonder Sailor Moon has become so iconic. No wonder people love dressing up as the characters.

What made Sailor Moon so revolutionary when it debuted in the early 1990s is that it reworked both the magical girl genre and super sentai (Power Rangers) genre in new and exciting ways. The Sailor Moon characters were tougher then other magical girls and used their magical powers to fight evil and save Earth.

Here is a collection of some — not all — of the best Sailor Moon cosplay the internet offers, showing off the character's trademark sailor suits, footwear, headbands, wands, and beards.

So, who pulled off the best Sailor Moon cosplay? Decide as you patiently wait for the new anime, slated for mid 2013 in Japan.

















[Sailor Bubba via AnimePlanet]









Top photo: saraqael/Eyes-0n-Me/Shino


    whats that fat guy really necessary to add?

      Sailor Bubba is always necessary. At least he's not wearing a revealing outfit like Man-Faye.

    Fatty Moon is a cosplay tradition. This would of been incomplete without it.

    I love the outer senshi on the roof; that is one killer Sailor Pluto!

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