The New Uncharted Is... A Casino Card Game?

Last night a few folks managed to spot a game called Uncharted: Fight for Fortune on the Australian Classification Board's official website. But what is it? A direct sequel? Nah, it's a bloody casino card game for the PS Vita. Sigh.

After the game was first found on the Classification Board's website, a Neogaf user spotted the game on the Brazilian ratings board, translated it from Portugese and discovered the game was in fact described as a "Casino/Card" game.

Ah well, never mind. Anyone hyped for an Uncharted casino game?

[Awkward silence]

What is Uncharted: Fight for Fortune? [Eurogamer]


    Mark, I'd go so far as to say that my excitement is OFF THE CHARTS.

      You mean, your excitement CAN'T BE CHARTED?

    I like Uncharted because it's NOT a casino card game...

      I like Uncharted because it's not a purple hippopotamus.

    An Uncharted casino game? I wonder if the table will collapse every time you go to lay a card on it, forcing you to quickly move to the next table.

      ... I'd play the hell out of that.

    Spoiler: Sully dies

      I think you misplaced the 'S'

      it should be 'Sully's die'.

    Well, that explains the G rating, I guess...

      If it's a casino game, shouldn't it be PG? Any gambling references pushes a game up to PG.

    Biggest... disappointment... ever.

    I read the initial "new Uncharted game!" article on IGN and got so psyched up... then I saw the updated article, "casino/card game"... Oh man what an anti-climax.

    The game isn't required, but there have been some great minigames that have been card related in other games in the past.

    So it 'could' be entertaining with a spare minute here and there, which the Vita can grant you.

    There are Castlevania casino games too.

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