The Voice Of Duke Nukem Doesn’t Like Shooting Things, Not Even In Video Games

The Voice Of Duke Nukem Doesn’t Like Shooting Things, Not Even In Video Games

Roughly once or twice a month I do a games segment for Radio National with Waleed Aly, and it seems like the games we discuss always involve stabbing, shooting or punching people in the face repeatedly. That sometimes worries me. Interestingly Jon St. Jon, the celebrated voice of Duke Nukem also has a bit of a problem with it. Despite being involved in one of the most famous shooter brands in gaming, he dislikes violence in video games.

In an interview with gaming podcast Ultimate Hyperbole, he spoke about his concerns.

So, you know, shooting and killing in games… Hell, I don’t even like hunting. Shooting deer or whatever? Unless they’re shooting it to survive and they use every part of the animal…the thought of killing just to kill just disturbs me. I like flying, racing, driving games more than first person shooters. And gratuitous violence, like Grand Theft Auto? Not into those kind of games at all.

But, according to Jon St. Jon, it’s mostly part of an issue he has with guns as a whole in the US…

I don’t care for guns in general. It bothers me in this country how free we are to bear arms! They say ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ – well, no, I think people with guns kill people. Quite frankly I’d like to see stronger gun laws in this country.

Jon St Jon is an actor, obviously, but it is interesting that someone who has played such a huge part in one of the biggest FPS franchises around would have a problem with violence in video games and, in particular, violence in first person shooters.

Head to Ultimate Hyperbole for the whole interview.


  • More people are killed, in the US, with weapons other than guns. Sure there’s crime, but there’s also very active law enforcement agencies.

    More people are killed in Mexico, just to the south, where guns are banned. But, there are a lot of hard core criminals there, and law enforcement is either too corrupt, too incapable, or both, to do anything.

    So, I guess when it comes down to gun ownership, it comes down to this, Jon. Its not people with guns that kill people. Its criminals with guns – in the large majority – that kill people. But, some like you seem to think that the answer is to take away the guns. I say take away the criminals, as they will always find a way to do what they do, and they will always find a way to make, purchase, or steal, a gun.

  • He’s just another hypocrite in a world of hypocrites, prudes, assholes, pretentious twats and of course, your every day moron.

  • lortarg, nice straw man fallacy. We’re talking fiction vs fiction. Not fiction vs reality. He’s opposed to the very kind of fictional entertainment that he willingly contributed to and participated in. That is called hypocrisy, my friend.

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