The Walking Dead’s Episode Four Stats Lead Up To Final Episode

The Walking Dead’s Episode Four Stats Lead Up To Final Episode

If you, like me, are an episode or two behind in Telltale’s remarkable Walking Dead series, don’t watch this video. If you, unlike me, have caught up on episodes three and four of the five-part series, then by all means, go to town.

In addition to releasing the player stats video for episode four, Telltale has announced that the fifth and final episode of the series, “No Time Left,” will be coming out on November 21, for nearly all platforms. The one exception is on PlayStation Network, where the episode will be released on November 20.

Until this point, release dates for the series have been staggered, with mobile editions coming many weeks after their console and computer brethren. Now, though, there are no excuses. And with next Thursday as a day off for a huge number of us here in the US, Thanksgiving might just have more zombies in it than it usually does.

Or, since next week will also signal the start of the holiday shopping frenzy, you might just put the fancy retail version on your wishlist.

The Walking Dead Season Finale Release Dates Confirmed! [Telltale Games Blog]


  • Ive absolutely adored this series so far. Season 3 of the show has turned into a magnificent show this year, the game has been magnificent, it’s just a pity the comic with the ‘Negan’ storyline has ground to a bit of a halt (though issue 104 did pick up a tiny bit).

    Really looking forward to episode 5 though I hate the fact we’re losing Lee 🙁

  • Waiting for some sort of set where I can buy all 5 for cheaper. I would imagine there are a lot of others out there doing the same thing.

    • Really? It’s $25, and it’s been on sale on steam several times over the last few months. At one point you could have gotten it for $15.

      I think there are people waiting until all the episodes are out so they can paly it in one hit, but I picked it up shortly before episode 2 came out and waiting for the next episode has been part of the excitement.

        • No. $25 for all five episodes. you pay once, Steam automatically updates the game with the new episodes as they are released.
          Or if you wait until the 21st, you pay once and you’ll get all five episodes at once.

          I think that Xbox Live Marketplace/PSN Store aren’t set up for that kind of episodic content delivery so you have to buy the five episodes seperately for $5 each, but I haven’t investigated that since it wasn’t released locally so is really only available on Steam.

          But either way, the total price is $25.

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