The Wii U eShop Is Live And Full Of Games

The Wii U eShop Is Live And Full Of Games
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The Wii U’s eShop for downloading games just went live in the US. This thing has a lot more games in it than I’d expected. You’ve got full-sized launch games, from New Super Mario Bros. Wii U to Assassin’s Creed III, several indies, including Little Inferno, Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition, Nano Assault neo and Chasing Aurora.

There is a coming soon area that lists games such as Batman: Arkham City and Mass Effect 3. There is no Virtual Console area now/yet. There is an option to add games to a Wish List, but it’s not clear if others can gift games to you.

Prices on games appear to rang from $US9.99-$US59.99. Some game listings, such as Assassin’s Creed III‘s, include a warning that they can’t be downloaded to the basic 8GB Wii U and require an extra hard drive.

More as we discover it.


  • Ha…$59.99, can’t wait to see Zombie U there for $99.95 AUD.


    I hope there is a way to setup a US account ala PSN….but being Nintendo i doubt it.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised at the price point though, considering the recent trend of Nintendo’s digital titles on the 3DS hitting around the 70AUD mark (and EB Games normally sells ’em at about 68AUD).
        The Wii U is also region locked, if I recall correctly, so the US and Japan would be a no-go if one bought an EU/AU/NZ console.

        • ^ This!! Why the hell are they selling 3DS games for these insane prices – most new 360/PS3 games in this country launch at $69 now (maybe $79 for the real big ones) why would I pay $68 for a 3DS game when I can buy a fully features xbox game new for the same price – it’s madness, Nintendo needs to fix their 3DS pricing if they want to sell more than just Mario games

  • It would take quite a lot for me to buy another Nintendo, at the very least i would want access (in other words have it available on the eshop) to the complete collection of NES, SNES, and N64 titles at a reasonable price. It would also be nice if they did a deal with Sega for some of their classic games.

    sadly issues with various publishers/developers being bought out (RARE), gone out of business or simply unwilling to play ball will prevent this from ever happening.

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