The Wii U's Game Discs Have A Soft, Rounded Edge

Most have been so excited to get their discs open they haven't been noticing, but Engadget have spotted something weird on the Wii U's proprietary disc format: the discs are rounded.

Because these are special Nintendo discs, and not DVDs or Blu-Rays, I guess the company needed to do something to differentiate their product, so rounded edges it is.

The effect is described "as if the folks at Nintendo took sandpaper to every edge of every disc, making them all the more friendly to the touch".

Which sure sounds like something Nintendo would do. "There is not enough joy in these discs! Round the edges to create more happiness for the user when they first experience the disc!"

Take a very, very close look at the round-edged Wii U proprietary discs [Engadget]


    Why would you post this? Now Apple knows about the rounded edges and will be sending the lawyers.

      Whats gonna happen when apple notice car tyres?

        All tyre based vehicles will be banned or sold under apple branding at 2.5x the original price with a lifespan of 8-12 months at the end of which a mandatory software update will destroy so many features of the vehicles as to make all non-current models unusable. Aside from the very rich humanity will have to revert to local product sourcing and a combination of non wheel based transport alternatives like horses or Mag-lev trains. Without all the added fuel use the environment shall benifit from a decrease in climate change effects provided it is not destroyed by our wars over rear-earth-metals used to produce the Mag-levs.
        In the end we will collapse into a distopian future as mob-mentality destroys us under the influence of our panicing leaders as the "news" media swims happy and carefree in the pool of cheap and easy fear inducing bad-news stories.

        And it's all your fault because you let Apple know about tyres. Thankyou >:-(

      Wait til Sony release their new PS - it's discs will have a "diamond cut bevel".
      Watch Apple have a field day with that one!

    I guess this means they're specially made discs that can only be made by Nintendo, meaning every publisher releasing a game for the system has to pay Nintendo to manufacture it, thus ensuring a bigger slice of the cut because those special discs won't have the same economies of scale that normal DVD/BD pressing does and so Nintendo will be able to charge higher prices.

      I think that's a bit of a stretch. There's probably some arrangement at some factories in China to print off Wii U games plus the physical manufacture probably contributes 0.001% of the actual cost to "make" a game.

        It's a non-zero cost and you'll find that Sony and Microsoft both require publishers to buy the pressing of discs through them because they have to have their proprietary anti-piracy measures added. Standard practice. Platform holders always get their pound of flesh.

      All games on Nintendo consoles are "published" by Nintendo, regardless of (and in addition to) the actual publisher. That's where Nintendo take their slice of the pie.

    The poor sick children!!!! Caged and forced to polish the tiny edges of these disks for their evil Nintendo overlords! FREE THE KIDS!!!!

      No that's apple and their curved edges.

    I swear this was already a thing. I distinctly remember picking up a disc and it having that kind of rounded edge.

    Can't for the life of me think what the disc was though.

      I have that same feeling of familiarity. Every so often I've picked up a disc and the edges have felt rounder.

      A lot of CDs had round edges when they first came out in the 80's. I imagine having straight cut-off edges was one of the first mass-produced "refinements" that would save time during manufacturing.

    There are some wii disks like this as well- my copy of super smash bros brawl and super mario galaxy are smoother and rounder on the edges than all the other wii games.

    Kind of pointless yet awesome

    It'd be nice if they could make it soft and floppy too. I hate how discs scratch and then we can't sell them for as much money

    They make good naptkins this way too. I always find myself playing games and looking for something to wipe my mouth with. I can't just keep using my shirt cause my gf is getting pissed about all the stains that won't come out

    Oh thank God. I can't count the number of times I've gone to pop out my new disc and cut my finger clear to the bone on its razor sharp edge, getting blood all over my shiny new game and its case.

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