The Wii U's Menu Music Is New-Age Synthesised Bliss

Had a rough day at work? Too many bills to pay? Husband/wife been yelling at you for something/nothing? You need to relax. With your Wii U. And its menu music.

The last few Nintendo machines, the Wii especially, were what I'd call "whimsical". This, this is "scientifically engineered to calm you the f**k down".

Above and below you'll find all kinds of tunes from the system's front end, from stuff like the Wii U's new account screen, home menu and boot-up sequence.

Wii U Music [ZeldaPowerVideos, thanks Fernando!]


    Gives me a massive "Zelda Dungeon" vibe from most of that.

      don't worry it will be there! be patiente, this is business,; there is no need to throw everyuing at once, Nintendo needs to get their best games separated from the third party games otherwise you one what happen when zelda come, it just really make third feel like they sell at all on a Nintendo Console.

    Now this is a worthwhile story from Plunkett! Nice to see some varying menu music, an I have to admit its soothing. Could handle this while messaging friends or waiting for someone to come online (if I don't fall asleep on the couch in the mean time).

    I used to love Wii's menu music also. That's so soothing too!

    Wii's music is amazingly soothing.

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