There Are More Than 800,000 People Playing Black Ops II On Xbox Live Right Now

Well then. There are a crapload of people playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II online right now. On Xbox Live alone, between Zombies mode and regular multiplayer, there are more then 800,000 playing:

And bear in mind, that's just Xbox Live. Factor in PlayStation Network and PC players, and you've got even more. That's a looooot of shootin'.


    Make that 11 Black Ops II articles in one day...

      Give that man a pizza!

        One slice for every trivial Call of Duty article Kotaku posts in a 24hr period!

    So it sold billions

    But only millions are playing?

    Math, how does it work?

      I guess it means that not everyone is playing right at this moment? Or playing Campaign?

    Playing on PC last night, only 9008 online... at least it was OVA 9000!!!!

    Nah I prefer Halo 4.

    lol i saw 12000 on pc an hour ago

    For every Black Ops II article posted, take one shot. Last man standing wins.

    First Call of Duty I've avoided since WaW (worst one ever), feels good man.

    Halo 4 is all I need.

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