There's Now A Mod That Gives Mass Effect 3 A 'Happy Ending'

Warning: spoilers ahead. Still not happy with the way the Mass Effect saga drew to a close, a team of modders have released something for the PC version of Mass Effect 3 called MEHEM. Or, the "Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod".

You can see the edited and re-composited ending above. I...d on't see much happy about it, aside from the fact they cut the silly jungle planet bits, but I guess you could argue that by splicing together some of the most dramatic sections of the different endings, they've come up with something... different. That has broken sound in parts, and weird pauses.

Is this really necessary? I thought the official extended endings did more than enough to give us all a little more closure, end things on a brighter note. Unless somebody wants to go modding in some ice cream and rainbows, I think we're about done here.

MEHEM - The Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod - Part 1/2 [YouTube]


    Personally, I feel happier just thinking about an ME3 ending that excludes that catalyst kid. His very existence felt like godawful story-writing. That's just my opinion, but it looks like I'm not the only person who didn't like him.

      Yeah it was a bit of a downer. But it's been done now. Just have to live with it.

      I knew things were going bad when they gave Eve a sexy robot body. It was all downhill from there.

        You mean E.D.I. They actually did quite a bit of foreshadowing in ME2 though, that seemed to imply she was going to get some kind of body. Joker and Edi seemed too purposely written for each other otherwise. He has brittle bones, she's made of metal(or some synthetics anyway), he loves to pilot ships, she is a ship's AI, I could go on. They actually compliment each other really well, in a sort of strange, sci-fi way. Not to mention she'd voiced by Tricia Helfer, who's sort of known as a AI/Cylon seductress.

        I'd say it's one of the best things ME3 did in relation to ME1/2.

          And I hated it. Cheesy and stupid. As soon as it happened I knew the story was going to suck.

          And it did. Much prefered ME2.

    High emr destroy when you save Anderson, is the happy ending..... You win and live wtf is wrong with these people

    I actually thought this was pretty cool. I think we all have our own canon story for Shepard, I think its awesome that he/she/them is making their own more real.

    Is it necessary? Probably not. Is it impressive? Yes.

      Also anyone who cuts out that goddamn starchild deserves a medal in my humble opinion.

    "Is this really necessary"?

    To you, no, and congrats for not being bothered by it, but for some people the ending of ME3 was a bit like getting to the end of Harry Potter and finding someone had switched out the last few chapters with the end of Twilight - it was crazy, confusing and unfulfilling.

    I actually haven't replayed ME3 once since I finished it the first time, and I haven't gone back to the previous games either, because in a game so story-focused knowing that it doesn't matter what choices you make, that you'll be ending on such a disappointing note makes the whole thing seem pointless.

    Maybe once the bugs are ironed out, this mod will enable me to play the games and feel good about it. I think that'd be really nice and I'm super glad it exists. :)

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