These Are The Best-Looking Cars In Video Games Today (Or Even Tomorrow)

Project CARS, you're killing me. I see trailers like this, I see the words "pre-alpha footage", and I don't know whether to punch you, or kiss you, or both.

This clip is showing off the game's multiplayer mods. Even the type used to show your competitors looks amazing.

For those who don't know, Project CARS is a bit of a strange game, as fans are not only funding the game, but can help out with its development as well.

It's due next year on PC, PS3, 360 and Wii U. Needless to say, this is the PC version.


    One day the world is going to look back on all this dubstep in very much the same way we now look back on saxophone solos from the early '90s.

      I have no doubt.

      Who cares? I'm enjoying while it's still cool!

      But you're right, in 20 years time we'll be like "damn that's annoying". Much like Abba is now.

    As theme music to porn?

    You mean with great fondness?!

    One cannot simply have enough dubstep in ones game trailer

    Didn't know they had plans to bring this to consoles.

    Wonder if they will dumb it down for controller users?

    I haven't fired up Project Cars since I got my TrackIR the other day... maybe I should give it a shot.

      Dumb it down for controllers? The graphics will be reduced but a Controller > keyboard + mouse for steering a car. I can only speak for PS3 but all the buttons on it are touch sensitive. Add to the the analog sticks for steering. The only thing better is a decent steering wheel which can be purchased for either consoles or PC

        Not all wheels are compatible with each console.
        Also, anybody that tries to play with a kb/mouse on PC needs to end their life, asap.

        Note that this is a sim game, sim games don't fare all that well on controllers.
        And no, Forza/GT are not sims compared to the ACTUAL sims out there... plus they're horrible with a controller anyway.

    Still looking like a game to me.. I mean it is very noticeably computer graphics rather than photo-realistic stuff you come to expect these days. It's Alpha of course.. but certainly nothing to write home about at this point in development. Reminds me of an F1 game on PS2....

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