These New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Are On Fire

Grand Theft Auto V won't feature one protagonist, but rather, it will feature three. Here is a look at them, courtesy of and, as well as a round up of recent details about the game.

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    Looks good I guess....

    These arent the proper hi res shots rockstar has released in the past, i think these are screens from the upcoming new trailer.

    Either way this is my most anticipated game.

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    I bet its going to be like gta 4 when it came out on pc, you will need a pc that isnt out yet :\

    The Guardian has a pretty good preview of the game up:

    These look fantastic.

    I'm still quite disappointed in Rockstar's lack of information regarding the PC version and the subsequent 'silencing' of those asking about it on the Rockstar website.

    Everything looks pretty nice...except that burning car. The design is kinda crappy compared to the rest of the graphics.

    I already pre-ordered it from OzGameshop. (For those interested, they're offering a bonus on "Player Points" which amounts to $5 cash back on GTAV pre-orders made in November)

      The last few games I have bought from JB Hi-Fi Forza Horizon,Halo 4 and Assassins Creed 3 have been $69 Vs, ~$60ish from OzGameshop.
      Considering the possible problems with trading in,buying DLC and the slowness and unreliability of postage(about 1 in 10 for me go missing) I think My importing days are over.

    Love me some vertical exploration as well...

    This is a game I will get my PS3 out of storage for.. but I will still wait for it to be released and check out the feedback first.

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