This Chrono Trigger Wall Art Will Melt Your Brain

Seen on Reddit, the wall art above is literally a labour of love. Not only does it commemorate one man's devotion to classic RPG Chrono Trigger, it's also the product of one couple's combined work over two years. Amazing stuff.

[via Reddit]


    Melt your brain? Why does every article have to have a title about insane! You will never guess! Nightmare! Etc?

    It is a glorified screenshot. If they like it, fine. If it took two years, they may have melted brains.

    There is the small possibility that this is a cross stitch judging by the "pixellation" which adds a whole other level. Those minecraft swords are about 60cm long which makes the artwork about 1m sq, quite a solid effort imo. Perhaps not brain-meltingly so (ostentatious title aside) but it is still rather good

      It was made with beads.

    So it is made from 47,000+ beads. That makes it a bit more impressive. Probably would have been able to back up the headline if that was in the article somewhere.

    Fair effort though.

      Yeah really, no mention of why it would melt your brain... It just looked like a poster.. It took them 2 years to put it up? What?
      Or a painting?
      Thanks for finding out though.

    Just another quality article from Kotaku US.

      Most of the crap that's posted on here is a straight copy + paste off Reddit. Sick of seeing the same crap off Reddit 3-4 days later.

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