This Dishonored Kill Montage Makes Me Want To Be A Little Less Stealthy

I really love Dishonored, but I tend to play games of its ilk in a rather staid, stealthy way. Watching the above video, which showcases some of the more inventive kills submitted by users, makes me wish I'd been a bit more violent in my playthrough. In fact, it's making me consider playing through the game a second time. Seriously, there are some humdingers in here.

I love this Dishonored's systems are so well put together that they reward this kind of creativity. Seriously brilliant game.

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    I was really looking forward to this and totally enjoyed it up until I stopped playing. And that was only when you first get to the hideout place with all the npcs. Now that I think about it I have no idea WHY I stopped playing.. Will get back to it one day.

    Loved Dishonored! to bits! I was a little disappointed the stealth mechanics weren't a little deeper (i.e. more like Thief 2), but still had a total blast with the game. On my third play through and still discovering new things, and new ways the game reacts to my actions.

    While Dishonored definitely rewards creative killing, I also feel that it punishes non-violent players by restricting them to a handful of tricks.

    Murderous Corvos get to use absolutely everything at their disposal to achieve the goal, whereas non-violent or ghost players are reduced to Blink, Time Stop, Knockout Darts, Choking and a couple of the passive upgrades.

    It could be argued that by making the choice to not kill people, you're locking yourself out of some of the options in the game, and only have yourself to blame. I would counter this by saying that due to the Chaos system which appears to say "Don't kill people if you want a good ending", players may be encouraged to try to reduce their body count, and by extension, abstain from using some of the tools given to them by the game that then goes on to encourage the player not to use those tools.

    For example, I had no idea what a Springblade Trap actually looked like when it went off. All I knew was that it was a lethal option, and therefore not for me. The same goes with grenades, Rat Swarms, lethal crossbow shots, incendiary bolts, pistol rounds, lethal wind blasts and whatever else has the potential to kill someone.

    And its not even like its a case of having one set of abilities for non-lethal and another set for killers. Everything that is core to a non-lethal run can be used by a bloodthirsty player, but not the other way around.

    At the end of the day, I really enjoyed Dishonored, I just wish it wasn't so obvious that there were toys that I wasn't allowed to play with because I was a pacifist. Or perhaps I wish there were more toys for the non-lethal playstyle. Either way, the options available to different playstyles felt out of balance.

      Not sure how you went by without having seen many of the lethal moves and gear. I'm playing through on a stealth, no-kill run (I have been seen a few times though) but whenever I get frustrated I just go nuts and kill everyone with what I have before reloading. Makes it slightly more bearable when I keep failing :P

        You could totally just go berserk and kill everyone before reloading, but that isn't really an intended part of your no kill run.

        If you were to put all your successful attempts together into a video, a lot of weapons and moves wouldn't make an appearance. This is where I have an issue; when a game gives you something then has a mechanic that punishes you for using it. This is what Chaos does.

      I'd agree with this. Having the good ending tied in with being non-lethal (or at least not killing much) seems like a bad idea and some other mechanic should have been used instead. There should still have been an option for a non-lethal playthrough, but it should only be as an added challenge rather than a requirement if you want a good ending. Of course I might not've minded so much if the stealth mechanics were a bit deeper, as it is the moment you get the ability to see people through walls and blink large distances all of the challenge seems to disappear.

    Wow, I thought I came up with some interesting ways to deal out some carnage, but...some of this was ingenious.

    Three playthroughs already, but I think I might need to dig it out again...

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