This Game Is Called The Adorables. Our Resident Adorable Expert Weighs In.

The first internally developed game from mobile publisher Thumbstar Games, The Adorables is a dazzlingly colourful pachinko-puzzle sort of game, coming soon to iOS and Android, but is it indeed adorable?

It's certainly pretty, and my predilection for raccoons and raccoon-ish creatures has me gaga over Sneaker, the obviously leader of the group. These five furry little guys will be launched into the air on beams of light, knocking at pegs in the sky to help restore the Aurora Borealis to its former glory. Apparently something made it less glorious. No doubt something diabolical.

The game paints its anime-inspired colours across Apple's retina screens in high definition (I suppose it works on the iPad Mini as well, snap), with the Android version utilising the GREE platform to support a wide variety of devices.

What's important here, however, is the name. Do The Adorables live up to their moniker? I asked Tina Amini, Kotaku's editor of adorability.

"They're sorta cute." Pressed further, Amini offered, "They look sort of like they should be a line of plush toys for kids who can't tell the difference between super fluffly stuffed animals. But they're not actually adorable, and they all look like they're excreting some sort of poop or blood and that's gross."

And there you have it. Hopefully Thumbstar Games still has time to change the name to The Sorta Cutes before the launch.


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