This Grand Theft Auto Movie Doesn't Just Work, It's Incredible

This is RISE, a Grand Theft Auto-inspired short film by director Gevorg Karensky. Whatever quality and budgetary limitations you might think this has because it's "fan made", you go right ahead and throw them out the window.

If this is what Grand Theft Auto VII looks like on my ValveBox TVPC, then the future might be OK after all.

Grand Theft Auto: RISE — Live Action Short Film [YouTube]


    Niko's accent was pretty bad and the actor had more hair than I recall Niko having but otherwise, pretty darn good. The CGI was very well done for a fan-made project.

    I ignored the fact that it was supposed to be Niko, seemed the right thing to do.

    Good production value and the CG & borrowed content was tidy.

    Not bad. Something like this would work well as a GTA V promo, the problem being it doesn't need one.

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