This Guy Reckons He's Accessed Miiverse's Debug Mode. By Accident.

NeoGAF user Trike claims, after messing around with the Wii U's Miiverse, that his console suddenly allowed him to access the service's debug/admin options.

As you can see in the pictures posted above and below, he appears to have access to screens that let him monitor users, reset their passwords and even delete...something (whether that's delete a password or their entire account is unclear).

Now, you might be thinking that seems a highly unlikely thing to happen. Which it is. But then, this is Nintendo's first real try at this home console internet business. There's going to be missteps and mistakes. This might just be one of them.

I wonder what that Yoshi's Wii U thing is. Most commonly-used words on the service right now?

I think I either hacked the Wii U Miiverse or I am stupid. [NeoGAF]


    99% sure that the button is to delete the account. Deleting a password doesn't make sense from an admin/db perspective.

    with great power comes great respo... ah who am i kidding, delete delete delete!

    Yeah i wouldnt want to go abusing that little bug. Even if you didnt "hack" your way into it, i dare say there'd be some not so nice punishment if you abused it.

    Class Action lawsuit in.......

    Fun's already over.
    Trike claims they have fixed the exploit but it sounds more like he was trolling the whole time to me.

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