This Is A House Built For Gamers. Can I Live Here Now Please?

Lately I've been thinking I want to move. Something new, you know? But seeing this, I realise I don't want, I need to move. To a house where I can fit thousands of Xboxes and have friends over all the time.

This guy lives with several floors' worth of games in his house. There are Xboxes, many TVs, lots of (messily organised) games, and heaps of arcade cabinets. The only thing missing is a full-sized pool. I can't live without a pool.

These are only a handful of images, but you can check out Redditor Citizen_Gamer's album for more of his friend's house, including close-ups of the arcade cabinets.

My friend's amazing gamer house [27 images] [Imgur via Reddit]


    That'd be awesome for holidays, but it'd be impossible to get people out of your house.

    Kinda cool, but those chairs look pretty uncomfortable for long periods of play. I would much rather invest in nice big couches and a bar fridge.

      Yeah, my arse hurts just looking at them -- or is it from last night.....

      Exactly what I was thinking. Strange that he spent thousands on equipment, and almost nothing on chairs. A comfy chair/couch is a prerequisite for my gaming room!

    >No PC

    I don't think so buddy.

      3rd photo from bottom. Right hand side

        Look closer, it's connected to an Xbox.

          Fair enough

      Actually it isn't shown here, but there are 2 PC's upstairs as the full photoset on Imgur shows: (Set:

    I need this. I shall aspire to make this my house.

    I see you chose to omit the cringe-worthy images of all the game cds stacked on top of one another without cases. It keeps me up at night.

      omg this, my sister would do this to my ps1 games. lots of fights :)

    they got all out on the room and give them crappy chairs to sit on.

    oh my napalm.... ultimate dream house holy i'm basically drooling

    You can almost taste the smell of sweat and shame.

    no pc... no ps3 =(

    Imagine his power bill if he lived in Oz... Sure all that gear cost some serious cash, but the running costs defy my imagination.

    when life hands you virginity, make this house

    No bed for hooking up in, but I don't imagine that would be a problem ^..^

    Hahahaha Kotaku you don't disappoint seen this on Reddit a few days ago sent the link to my friend and said bet you ten bucks this will be on Kotaku in the near future.

    Why did you even take away the line of people walking into his house?

    *edit... Nvm, Reddit was thanked.

    Last edited 14/11/12 1:45 pm

      reddit is quite clearly given credit for this story

        Aha, so it is! I must have scrolled passed without realizing. My bad :D

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