This Is An Orchestrated Version Of The Super Meat Boy Soundtrack!

When I think of orchestrated soundtracks, I think of sweeping RPG epics — of Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, maybe a particularly nice score like the Halo theme. I don't necessarily think of Super Meat Boy! But yep... that's what this is. It's the Super Meat Boy theme song, Orchestrated!

And it sounds... different. It's interesting to hear something like the Super Meat Boy soundtrack, which was never created with an Orchestra in mind, reinterpreted like this. It's pretty cool.

Man, I miss Super Meat Boy. Finishing that game may have been my crowning achievement as a human being.


    This guy has made a LOT of short, but satisfying orchestrated video game music videos. And not just vidya games, too. Cave story? Check. Breaking Bad? Hyup. Fallout New Vegas? It's there. Dexter? Yes sir! Crash Bandicoot? Why not! ADVENTURE TIME? HELLS YEAH.

    Cool. Wonder what else he's done?

    Been following this guy for a long time. His Zelda and Mario stuff is truly amazing... tho you can say that about pretty much all his stuff. I highly recommend his Nyan Cat Orchestrated...
    *edit* Oh... and its worth checking out if you're into FF music... She occasionally uploads "exclusives" from Blake ("gifts" from him to her).
    And for the lazy - a link to his channel:

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    I feel your pride Mark, getting that Golden Boy achievement was the most satisfying moment of my gaming life! 4144 deaths later I could finally put down the controller and breath a sigh of relief that it was done, and nobody could take that away from me :D

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