This Is Probably The Oddest Cosplay Trend Right Now

This week on Twitter, cosplayers have been posting photos with the following theme: "If you put cosplay outfits outside the bathroom, it looks like the character is taking a bath."

Japanese bathrooms are different from Western ones. The bath and the toilet are typically separate. The bathroom is kind of like a giant shower with a tub — you stand outside the tub and wash yourself off (you are supposed to wash before sitting in the bath water.) Outside the bathroom, people tend to either fold their clothes, drape them on the washing machine, which is usually near the bath, or leave their clothes strewn about.

There has been a rash of these photos tweeted out in the past day or so. Website IT Media posted some of the photos (via Togetter), which have been popping up on Twitter.

It's cool to see lots of people online getting into the spirit and seeing if putting cosplay outfits outside the bathroom actually makes it look the characters are bathing. You know what, it kind of does.

『コスプレ衣装を風呂場に置くとキャラが入浴してるように見える』……らしい。 [Togetter via IT Media]

Top photo: Togetter


    That's awesome.

    I guess for this we count as not western, because I'm pretty sure the standard way in Australia is the toilet being in a separate room (the trend is only a few decades old though)

      There are lot of houses and apartments with the toilet in the same room as the shower/bath in Australia....

        Agreed, my last two apartments, as well as multiple friends' apartments and houses have had toilets in the bathroom, and pretty much most hotel rooms do the same as well.

        Last edited 10/11/12 12:41 am

          I know it happens, but of the 7 houses I can remember living in (there was one more when I was too young to remember), just two of them have had the toilet in the same room as the shower for the main bathroom. In one case the house was more than 70 years old, and in the other case the house is only semi-detached.
          Perhaps significantly, every house has been three or four bedrooms.

    That's.... bizarre.

    Wait, is Edward taking a shower with someone else from the military? I can see his coat, but I also see a military uniform, and he never wears one!

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