This Is The Cheapest Local Wii U Price We’ve Found So Far…

This Is The Cheapest Local Wii U Price We’ve Found So Far…

Begun the Wii U price wars have.

We fully expect Wii U pricing to get fully brutal before Christmas has been and gone but, for now, this appears to be the cheapest Wii U we’ve come across. For the first time with a console Kmart is actually doing the pre-order thing and the prices are as follows…

Wii U Basic Pack — $299
Wii U Premium Pack — $379

That’s pretty solid pricing, and you can get more details on the Kmart homepage.

Kmart also appear to be doing some fairly decent sales on the games themselves.

$59 Wii U Games
Just Dance 4
Avengers: Battle for Earth
Rabbids Land
Sonic All Star Racing
Game Party Champions

$69 Wii U Games
Fifa 13
NBA 2K13
Assassins Creed 3
New Super Mario Bros U
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Mass Effect 3
Darksiders 2

Via Ozbargain

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  • Not to negate the awesomeness of Kotaku and Mr Serrels but people should check out friend of Kotaku for info like this, the coverage is great

  • Does anyone know if EB will price match consoles? If not I may need to cancel. For that price you can essentially score another game for the same price.

    • The manager of the EB Games twitter account is saying they absolutely will, but word on the street is individual store managers can be difficult. So check with your local store. They may insist on an inventory check on Kmart and that it’s quite nearby.

      Also, you may have issues if you’re at an EB midnight launch and the Kmart isn’t open at midnight.

        • Hooboy, there’s a K-Mart and EB Games in the same shopping centre near me, almost right next to each other. That might make things interesting 😛

          Too bad I’m not interested in picking up a Wii U just yet. Though if I was I probably wouldn’t bother with EB and just go straight to K-Mart.

          • I’ve got the same thing, but my friend works at eb so i could probably get the price match

      • I thought price-matching was one of their promises.

        They probably think that being new, the WiiU will sell easily and if they have to price-match it is lost profit. Which isn’t entirely unreasonable… until you remember the “we price-match” thing.

        • EB Twitter – “The store needs to be within reasonable distance (in the same centre, or 5/10min drive). It’s usually at the manager’s discretion.”

      • Just went into the local eb and they said it was no problem as long as Kmart had stock and it wasn’t a bundle deal. I guess picking it up at the midnight launch ensures they’ll have stock, so it’s a win win as I traded a bunch of stuff and got extra trade value with eb 🙂 Not long now.

    • They should price match on a non-bundled console. These prices look like outright discounts – by policy, EB should match them. Keep an eye on Kmarts stock though – as soon as they run out EB will stop.

  • Why would you purchase from EB and give them the sale when Kmart are the ones actually offering the deal? They have taken the initiative and lowered the price to get sales and you are going to take it to EB and get it from them? For shame.

    • K-mart does this to steal sales because they make so much more money else where i would rather go to eb games then k mart

  • well is your console guaranteed at launch if you go to Kmart now? I preordered almost 2 months ago i want to be sure i get mine at launch. Price is amazing though, that means they have Wii U’s at around the price of ps3 and 360, thats extremely strong competition from Nintendo.

  • JB have dropped their consoles down to

    $299 for Basic
    $399 for Premium

    and have a handful of titles for $40 but only when u buy the console with them.

  • I have a K Mart within a 10 minute drive from my preorder location the manager at my local EB Games is an ass and will most likely say its too far (He wouldn’t price match a JB HiFi store that was 4 minutes away.) so I will most likely have to cancel it or chew the bullet.. I have to decide.

    Edit: Man… I really need to stop going to EB Games -.-

    • If you’re going to a midnight launch, they wouldn’t price match anyway. If you are just getting it on Friday (or later) then I’d go for the cheaper option 🙂 Be wary of K-mart though. They usually have bugger-all stock so I would definitely pre-order a system from them and not just leave it to chance.

      JB Hi-Fi have reduced their console prices as well. Almost as good as K-mart but not quite.

      Premium – $399
      Basic – $299

      At least with JB you know they will have more stock then K-mart and my local JB will generally price match consoles. I got them to price match a new 250gb PS3 w/Fifa 13 on launch without any hassle.

    • As McGarnical said above, the official eb twitter account states that they will price match, so maybe show this a-hole of a manager a couple of tweets and see what he/she says. A $50 saving is essentially another game at launch, or a pro controller or something 🙂

  • Still hardly tempting considering the decent launch titles are available on PS3 and 360.
    I’ll wait to see if Nintendo actually do something original with the Zelda franchise – otherwise I’m skipping Nintendo this time around.

  • I called a few of my local Kmart’s in Sydney and they are not taking any pre-orders or holding any units.

    They told me either line up outside or come in early but there is no guarantee you’ll get one as the stock is limited.

    • All stores should have got an internal memo saying the Wii U can be pre-ordered. Give Customer Service a call and they should be able to confirm for you that stores are taking pre-orders.

  • The price is pretty damn good, but there are still no games announced that I am interested in playing. Not saying there are no games, just that the few I’m personally interested in appear to have better versions available on the other consoles and PC.

    They really just need to announce a new Zelda.

      • I like Smash brothers, but I kind of lost interest in the series after the gamecube. I’m not really into fighters, but the novelty and high quality of the games pulled me in. A new one isn’t really going to pull me in, because there’s not really anything you can do in the fighter space to make me want to play it.

        I think a new Metroid, Donkey Kong or 3D Mario would pull me onto the band wagon, or a few third party titles that are demonstrably better on the wii U: at the moment the touch controls for the third party games seem like hindrance and they have lousy frame rates. I guess my main concern is that by the time this machine becomes something I feel compelled to buy, the next xbox or PS will be announced and I’ll end up waiting around for those.

  • Interesting….
    Ive got my Wii U paid off at eb, but theres a Kmart in the same plaza. Looks like Im going to eb to either get a price match, or a refund! sweet!

  • For everyone thinking about cancelling pre-orders to get one from Kmart…. why not leave your existing pre-order with EB, try and get one from Kmart on Friday and only cancel your pre-order if you’re successful?

    • you are derp….but its not really your fault. The website sucks! you have to flip through the online catalogue to find it…..

      Also, lol at this already being on sale and its not even out yet

        • Yep – that’s Australian retail for you, only Big W and Dick Smith seem to be able to integrate their catalogue with their website’s search function, the other sites are hideous

  • Awwww yeah. Gonna get the premium pack from Big W (work there) so I’ll price match and get staff discount off. It’ll end up costing me as much the basic pack RRP. Awesome!!

    • That’s good to know. JB has a set price for the basic bundle $299 and the premium $399. They are not sale prices. So if you want the Basic bundle, no need to hurry. Its always cheap!

  • Like a few others I’m a bit torn whether to purchase this. Initially I was just going to wait until some new third party games are released on the system & then make the purchase. I’m not excited about the Nintendo launch titles. This price drop is really tempting though. Looks like I’ll be going back and forth in my brain on this one.

  • Hey guys,

    I’m an EB Games store manager, and I’ll let you know what I personally would do.

    If K-Mart (or any retailer) in my centre, or within a reasonable distance (10-15min drive away) has a product in stock at a cheaper price, I’ll price match. No problems whatsoever. I would assume that most K-Mart stores would have stock at least on the first day, so if you happen to walk into my store, I would more then likely just price match on day one (upon request), and then check out their stock over the following days until they ran out of stock.

    Yes, I would stop price matching if they don’t have any more in stock, but if they did within 7 days, I would be happy to refund the difference.

    If you have a store manager who says that they are not going to price match, and K-Mart does have stock, and they are local to that store, then you should give feedback to 13 39 30, or twitter/facebook, and the mods can look into it for you. If there isn’t a local K-Mart to you, then that store has no obligation to price match. To be honest I’m surprised at these comments about managers saying that they won’t price match, even if there is a K-mart close to them, so if you are one of our customers who are in this position, please do provide feedback, so that we can look after you.

    In no way is this post an official post by EB Games. This is just the ramblings of one employee. If you would like official comment, please make contact via one of the above mentioned media.

  • Yeah I was looking at today’s catalogues while stocking the dishwasher and hot damn! Kmart that’s some damn tempting pricing!

  • Just jumped on the Dick Smith website and reserved a copy online, head to the gaming page from the bar up top, track down the Wii U bundle that you want, find the “Check Store Availability” button and find out if your closest store has any. Mine did, just punched in a name and contact phone number along with my Woolworths Ltd. Staff Card number and printed off a reserved item report and got a email and SMS saying it had been confirmed.

    It is RRP though (minus staff discount), no K-Mart specials, still, will probably go to them for games O_o. It does mean that I can leave here early in the morning and be there when they open rather than waiting for them to open, calling to reserve, then driving a 4 hour round trip and barely making it to work in time for a 2pm start

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