This Is The Coffee Table Of My Dreams

After switching 11-15 disks on my Amiga playing Monkey Island 2 and Beneath A Steel Sky, you'd think I'd be sick of 3.5 inch floppy disks, but you'd be wrong. There's precisely the exact amount of distance from that frustration to my current nostalgia levels and now all I want in my life is to have a coffee table that looks exactly like one of those disks. It's only natural.

The design of this thing is meticulous and ingenius. It's not enough for someone to simply built a table that looks like, this thing also has a moveable metal part, like the disks themselves, that actually gives way to a space where you can store remote controls and such like. In general, the detail on this thing is insane.

Incredible. I'll buy it at a high price.

Thanks Kevin!


    Is it High Density?

    You need to get the ppls at Lifehacker onto this. Surely you can do an IKEAhack on a LACK table ($10) and get something like this!

    Would be cooler if the shutter was spring loaded.

    Still pretty funky.

    Every now and then I'll be rummaging through a drawer and find an old floppy disk, and it always makes me think that they were such a well-designed and quite aesthetically appealing object. Testament to that is the fact that some very recently-released games still use the 3.5-inch as the "save game/accessing data" icon. Unlike their 5.25-inch brethren...

    Is the slider spring loaded? if it is I will spare no expense getting one to my house.

      No because an American would slice their arm off with it and start suing people at random.

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