This Is The Most Inappropriate PS Vita Game Yet

It's called Monster Monpiece, and it's a card-based game. That's fine and all until you realise that it's from Compile Heart, the folks behind Hyperdimension Neptunia. Oh, and that you have to stroke your PS Vita to play it.

Developer Compile Heart loves making deliciously subversive games, and Monster Monpiece looks to be no exception. Just check out the above play footage. It's something else.

The entire game isn't like this; it's more of a card battle game with cute monster girls and online play. But something tells me people won't be buying it for that. Call it a hunch.

モンスターモンピース プレイムービー [YouTube via ゲーハー黙示録]

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      I know! PS Vita finally gets a good game, and it'll never be released outside of Japan.

        Grrr crappy connection = double post.
        Sorry about that...

        Last edited 22/11/12 8:24 am

    That seal lifting its head at the start is unbelievably phallic

    How is the Vita not selling in Japan when they have this!!!

    i love in the add a girl is playing it lol

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