This Is The Sweariest, Most Scottish Video Game Trailer On The Internet

As a Scottish person living in Australia, I've noticed that we have something in common — a penchant for swearing constantly. In Australia a swear word can be a compliment, and it's the same in Scotland. Last night someone sent me this Far Cry 3 co-op trailer. It features a pretty rowdy Scottish character. I was asked if this was in any way authentic and, yep, it actually is. 'Calum' may be the most genuinely Scottish character in a video game ever. He's definitely the sweariest.

Some of Calum's dialogue isn't quite on the money. He's supposed to be a Scottish 'thug', but some of the things aren't perfectly consistent with what I'd expect his character to say, but still — the voice actor is either properly Scottish or the greatest impersonator ever.

Props to Ubisoft for not chickening out with the accent!

Thanks Hayden


    "We need to stick together like a nun's knees" lmao. Fuckin' brilliant.

    My dad's mate is scottish and he has a brilliant, thick accent. When he swears, it just sounds so great.

    Very surprised to hear the use of c*nt too, however the Irish guy in Farcry 2 used it a fair bit too haha love it

    Not bad, but my grandma used to swear more than that, she also had a thicker accent. Might be a regional thing.

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      Calum's accent sounds toned down with far better enunciation that you would find normally in the west of Scotland in order (I assume) to be understood by non-Scots.

        Pretty much what I was thinking (the toned down to be understood) but I've heard Scots with similar accents. Might also be that he left Scotland at an early enough age to lose a lot of it like my dad.

          Maybe. To me he just sounded like someone from Glasgow speaking a wee bit slower and more deliberately.

          Just looked up the actor and he was in Glasgow based soap opera River City, so I'd say he was just speaking clearly. Definitely hasn't lost any accent to my ear.


            You're probably right, as a voice actor it's his job to be understandable (unless the part calls for unintelligible) to a wide audience.

    They had me, from the start

    And then really sold me on Mikhail the russian hitman

    Now I just keep hearing all the Russian accents from Metro 2033

    "Artyom! Artyom come back!"

    Dec 4? What happened to the 29th release dat? I don't recall any announce delay std I was stocked for that today. :(

    didn't realise the mobile sites commenting was seperate from the full site? i just posted on there but its not showing up here, its broken please fix it. any wat happened with the release date? Dec 4? what happened to the 29th? i dont recall a delay being announced i was stoked to play farcry 3 tonight.

    Is "Sweariest" even a word? :)

      It's a perfectly cromulent word.

        Something tells me Light needs to embiggen his vocabulary.

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