This Jacked-Up Video Game Murder Scene Would Never Fly Today

Don't ask me why I wound up googling this cutscene from Phantasmagoria over the weekend, but I did, and I watched it, and good lord. It's even worse than I remembered!

Go ahead and watch it. (Viewer beware: It is NSFW and also INTENSE and NASTY.) Now ask yourself: It may have made it into a game in 1995, but would a scene like this pass muster in a modern-day video game? No, I have to think. It would not.

We see a lot of awful violence in games these days; torture and decapitation and throat-stabbing are de rigueur. But somewhere between intense eyeball trauma and murder by force-feeding, gaming has drawn a line.

I'm all for freedom of expression, but you know, maybe it's OK if we give the censors this one.


    Cant watch while at work, however this sounds relevent to my interests...

    I remember this! I bought this as an 18 year old from Metrosoft inbrisbane city, they used to import games. Of course it was banned, but that never stopped them ;)

    That was awesome.

    I don't see why certain topics, themes or scenarios are "alright" for other media, but put them in the game and it's time to advocate censorship.

    It wasn't banned for the violence, but for the rape scene. In a scene, if I remember, the daemon rapes a girl. It was actually a pretty terrible game. Notible only for its b grade horror violence and its "controversy" .

    Ah the good old days when games came on 7 discs!

    It might be censored, so thank goodness we can watch it anytime on youtube!

    Funny how if I try to watch it on YouTube it asks me to sign in, but the embed works perfectly fine... x)

    How was this even remotely bad? Just reminds me of the things you see on childrens live-action programs, whereas a person would force feed a fat kid for being greedy and such. You know, children's horror/gross(?) shows.


    ( and

    Where is the context? like wtf was that?

      Man, I used to love FMV adventure games! This was a classic for horror fans, the sequel was good as well but strangely enough they had to cut the sex scenes out to pass Australian censors while the violence was allowed to remain... funny priorities!

      The context on that video was that the house had some great demon inside of it that possessed any man living in it. That guy was the original owner (Zoltan Carnavash, I think his name was) who first unleashed the demon and got possessed. There were various areas in the house where he had killed people and when you found them the protagonist would see a vision of the killing that took place there.

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    This was definitely banned in Australia. My Grandma from Canada sent it to us for Christmas the year it came out,having NO clue as to what it was (clearly). Or maybe she did know and thought, "F U kids, play this."

      It was banned after a certain amount of release time though, as I definitely picked up my legitimate copy while it was still available. It was secondhand from a games rental shop, it was a fair bit of time before they retroactively banned it. This would have been around 1995/1996 I reckon because not long after the sequel came out and had all of the censorship issues in Australia.

      I think the controversy the second one kicked up (refused classification due to sex scenes, then passed after removing them) caused them to have a look again at the first one and subsequently unleash the ban hammer on it.

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