This Jacked-Up Video Game Murder Scene Would Never Fly Today

Don’t ask me why I wound up googling this cutscene from Phantasmagoria over the weekend, but I did, and I watched it, and good lord. It’s even worse than I remembered!

Go ahead and watch it. (Viewer beware: It is NSFW and also INTENSE and NASTY.) Now ask yourself: It may have made it into a game in 1995, but would a scene like this pass muster in a modern-day video game? No, I have to think. It would not.

We see a lot of awful violence in games these days; torture and decapitation and throat-stabbing are de rigueur. But somewhere between intense eyeball trauma and murder by force-feeding, gaming has drawn a line.

I’m all for freedom of expression, but you know, maybe it’s OK if we give the censors this one.

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