This Game Might Be The Most Insane Piece Of Advertising Ever Created

I have to admit, Old Spice has really got its marketing right. First there was the Old Spice Isaiah Mustafa ads, then there was the Terry Crews stuff, now Old Spice has gone ahead and created, um... a flash game featuring a retired, space travelling African ex-basketball player attempting to stop people from dancing to Gangnam Style by throwing US ballot papers at them. This is all part of an ingenious plan to stop the world from ending on December 21 and give us all more time.


Explaining Dikembe Mutombo's '4 and a Half Weeks To Save The World' is near impossible, but as marketing stunts go this is pretty off the wall and kind of hilarious. As far as I can tell it's an attempt to promote Old Spice Champion. Each week a new flash game will be released, with the first being the whole throwing ballot papers at dancing non-voters thing.

The game is actually created by Adam Saltsman, the creator of Canabalt, and it... is... insane.

You can check out the game here.


    Terry Crews was before Isaiah Mustafa, and after...

      Building Kick!!!!!!


    I haven't even hit start yet and I'm already laughing. This bodes well.

    That's 3 dollars and 58 cents worth of development costs!

    Somebody will get it...

    Oh Florida... you're so Florida. ROFL

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