This Might Be The Stupidest Kickstarter Pledge Of All Time

British Elite fan Drew Wagar has fired up a Kickstarter pledge to help him...afford to back someone else's Kickstarter pledge.

Saying that he's an "an enormous fan of Elite", Wagar - a published author - wants to be able to spend £4,500 in order to support David Braben's Elite: Dangerous campaign, reaching a tier that would allow him to write an officially-licensed Elite novel.

Some may call this a smart way to get around licensing restrictions, letting him write a book in a universe that it would otherwise cost him a ton to licence.

Others will point out he's asking for money so he can pay someone else asking for money, and is lubricating the deal with a promise of fan fiction.

RECLAMATION. An Elite Novel; by a fan, for the fans. [Kickstarter, via exp magazine]


    Maybe I'll start a Kickstarter to raise money so I can fund this guy's Kickstarter.

      Need to go deeper.

        That sounds like somebody volunteering to start a kickstarter to support my kickstarter to support this guy's kickstarter to support the Elite kickstarter!

    I'm starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to buy Kickstarter so I can stop dumb shit like this happening. Or something.

      Already happened and removed. Along with the "guide to successful crowdsourcing" book on Kickstarter.

    That's a violation of the terms of use. I expect it'll disappear very quickly. Quicker if folks use the "report" button at the bottom of the page.

      Had a look at the terms of use - can't see anything about how this particular project violates them. Can you provide the relevant section?

    maybe he's a good author? maybe people want to read what he does with the Elite universe?

    I'm starting a kickstarter for people interested in paying my rent, food and daily purchases.

      That's not kickstarter, that's called the Australian government.... zing !!!

        It worked for Penny Arcade...

    Am I the only person who thinks this seems pretty reasonable?

    Say a person started a Kickstarter to write a new "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" novel, including paying a fee for use of the intellectual property rights. That's a valid Kickstarter, right?

    This seems exactly the same. The licence fee just happens to be paid via Kickstarter.

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