This New Bravely Default Sure Has Some Crappy Art

It really, really does. Shame because so much of the art for the 3DS game is stunning. This newly announced Bravely Default isn't for the 3DS, however. It's a free-to-play browser game called Bravely Default: Praying Brage.

The game's main illustrator is Square Enix's Akihiro Yoshida, who worked on Bravely Default. Yoshida's work is fantastic. However, there are a slew of 'guest' illustrators, such as Yukio Nakahara (work pictured). That's the problem. The shortcomings of the guest illustrators are all the more noticeable, because the original game's art is so damn good.

Compare with the game art for the original 3DS game.

スクエニの新作ブラゲの絵がヒドイ [あじゃじゃした-]


    Bland anime-style characters are band...

      And Mass Effect's default Shepard isn't? Pfffft, he's the blandest of the Everyman's that a majority of western developers create.
      Granted, this guest art is.. Not good. The 3DS game's art is far, FAR superior..
      Bravely Default on 3DS mostly reminds me of FFIX, and that alone makes me freakin' want an English localization.

      There's a band called "Bland Anime-Style Characters"? What kind of music do they play?

      Or were you searching for an alternative to the western games and their bland and increasingly common same-y characters?

    Not crappy, just not stylishly fantastic. Although, purple tights and a corset is a bit much...

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