This Screenshot Reportedly Says When Halo 4's Map Packs Are Dropping

Lots of players — including Kotaku's own Tina Amini — think that Halo 4 needs more maps. 343 Industries has said that additional multiplayer environments are coming but hasn't clued anyone in as to the exact arrival times. But the screenshot above from a German Xbox 360 dashboard appears to reveal dates for the next three sets of maps for the sci-fi FPS.

The news surfaced over on Halo Council,where the Crimson, Majestic and Castle DLCs get attached to December 10, February 25 and April 1. The dashboard screen advertises a War Games Map Pass, which goes for 2000 MS points. Kotaku has reached out to Microsoft for confirmation and will update if they respond.


    So you buy the game, they don't offer sufficient maps in a game widely played in MP, then they charge you extra down the line for more maps?

    Is this accurate or did I misread the article?

      It has loads of maps. The game shipped complete and is amazing.

        Then why do people want more?

          Boy, I sure do love eating only green and red jellybeans. Why on earth would I want blue and yellow?

            McGarnical said it had "loads of maps", not 2.

            I'm not really against any of this, the price seems a little steep, but if people want to shell-out for more maps they're welcome to.

              It does have a lot of maps, what Matthew was hitting at is that the people who say there aren't enough maps are the ones who only want to play on half of the current ones.

              I think my comment was taken too literally.

              My point is, variety is always welcome. Let's assume you have played extensively on every map, for months. These are your red and green jellybeans. If someone offers you some blue and yellow jellybeans, as something different, why would you refuse? Maybe you don't want to incur the additional cost and that's ok, but some people do.

                Perhaps this stems from my disinterest in shooters/MP.

          Because people like to complain about stuff?

          Either that or they play a lot of BIg Team and never get to play anything but Ragnarok since that's all that ever seems to get picked in that playlist lol

          Because variety is the spice of life. It's that simple.

    its not like more maps will stop people from voting for ragnarok

    (disclaimer: im one of those plebs who always votes for ragnarok)

      Me to. Who cares about maps, its all the same when its said and done. You aren't there for the view.

    Y'all should have bought the LE version then. War Games Season Pass was included in that. And besides, it's only 2000pts FFS! Unlike some other overpriced Season Passes...

      Isn't the Forza Horizon Season Pass 4000?

      Last edited 27/11/12 8:17 am

        I thought forza had weekly content though.

      Yeah I'm happy a shelled out a bit more the LE. Absolutely loving the multiplayer, both Spartan Ops and War Games are great

    I'm more wondering when they are going to fix the bloody file-share and start utilizing some custom maps.

    The game shipped with 3 extra maps that, for some reason, are not part of the multiplayer. What the hell?

      spartan ops?

        Forge maps.

          ah right. i dont think ive ever done forge in any halo game :/

            Making maps was fun in Halo 3 and Reach, and I think in Halo 4 they've added a bit more colour to the pieces you can use. Too many people were making enclosed-style maps so it was like running around a big grey obstacle course. :/

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