This Should Help Show Just How Big Grand Theft Auto V’s Map Might Be

This Should Help Show Just How Big Grand Theft Auto V’s Map Might Be
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Rockstar dropped a bit of a surprise earlier today when it revealed Grand Theft Auto V wasn’t going to be a big game, it was going to be freaking huge. Like, bigger than GTAIV, San Andreas and Red Dead combined.

But just how big is freaking huge? Maybe the above image can help. It shows the total size of each game in question’s world, simplified and broken down into a block representing its total area.

Anyone who’s played Red Dead will know that this makes GTAV pretty big, but what’s important to note is that Rockstar have only said GTAV is bigger than the other three listed games combined. Not how much bigger.

To make things safe, I’ve made sure the image above shows GTAV’s world as just about the same size as the other three combined, just in case by “bigger” they really mean “bigger by half a street’s width”.

If they mean “bigger” as in “a lot bigger”, well, adjust accordingly!


  • So what i found in San Andreas was because of the huge map, there were places that i hardly went as were quite far away unless you just used a jet so this is going to be insane and i cant F&^$$#% WAIT. Amazing.

    • GTA III: 8
      GTA IV: 8
      GTA VC: 10
      GTA SA: 36
      Oblivion: 41
      Fallout 3: 41
      Farcry 2: 50
      Just Cause 1 or 2: 1,000

      Yeah, its just catching up to the rest 🙂

      • True, JC2 really has set the bar for map size, but it also was pretty bland in terms of gaming, it was like DayZ, make your own fun, which I found to be its biggest appeal.

        • Yeah, agree that there is a difference between pure size and density of the map, dont have to travel as far to get to anything (may not what you need to do) in GTA, however the feeling that JC2 gives of what distance actually means is good as well.

          • Oh absolutely, don’t get me wrong, I *adore* what they achieved in JC2. It was the first open world game where distance actually felt like *real* distance. It felt like places were actually far away from each other in a plausibly located sense. I think noone else has replicated that yet and those guys should be damn proud. GTA has yet to achieve that, even the three cities in SA felt a tad too close together, only the beginning city, Los Santos felt like a full city. Again I loved that game to pieces too. Im aching to play JC2’s multi mod 🙂 I think that’s gonna be amazing 🙂

      • in my opinion certain games feel bigger than others even though their the same size or smaller for example fo3 felt bigger than oblivion to me and far cry 2 was retaredly large

  • Yeah, Just Cause 2’s map was a little bland and almost too big to “learn” to the point where you feel familiar, like in GTA. San Andreas felt like every square metre was real and important.

    I remember reading somewhere that the gameplay area is that large because of more accessible indoor areas, so the overworld map may not be as big as projected. Can’t find the quote, though. :/

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