This Twilight RPG Parody Is On The Money

Twilight is arguably the most nonsensical cross-media 'phenomenon' of our times. Harry Potter? Yeah, it's kind of good. The Hunger Games? It's not really my thing, but I understand why it might be popular. Twilight? Sweet Jesus, what is wrong with these people. This parody YouTube video, which transforms Twilight into an 8-bit RPG is absolutely perfect, and totally skewers the series brilliantly.

JACOB uses Remove Shirt!

The viewing audience fainted!

EDWARD uses Brood.

It has no effect!

The video was put together as a animation project at the University of Technology, Sydney by student Kristie Lu. Brilliant work!

Thanks Jake for sending it in!


    This is by far the best thing to come out of the Twilight franchise!

      Sorry, but this is pretty tough competition for that title:

    Best part is transform and it hovers over crybaby for a second. Nicely done.

    Throw sharp rock at Bella.....ROFL!

    This is great but it bothered me that they spelled "love meter" metre. Apart from that, well played

    @Mark Please credit Kristie Lu for this masterpiece!

      I sent an email to her boyfriend who sent it in asking for her name -- but it bounced back because he spelled his own email wrong. I had no way of getting in contact before.

      Added now. :)

    Oh man. Not only was that hilarious, that music now gives me a serious urge to play some Pokemon...

    Oh Kristie this is greattttt! Like shirtless Jacob the best lol

    When Jacob says 'dating someone almost a decade younger than you', I think he means century...

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