This Week In Halo 4: You Noobs Are Toast

Today represents the one and only time I plan to use the words 'noobs' in a headline without irony. Please forgive me, it's only because I'm a tad excited for Halo 4. I have no self control.

And this week Halo 4 has a pretty clean run at the week. It comes out tomorrow, or for some of you crazy folks, midnight tonight. LittleBigPlanet Karting sweeps in the less fanfare, but it could be a bit of a sleeper.

Halo 4 (360)

What is it? Finish the fight. Or another fight. Oh, let's get real, Master Chief will be finishing fights until long after we're gone. Should you care? I care, a lot. Some don't care for Halo though, that's fair enough!

LittleBigPlanet Karting (PS3)

What is it? It's a karting game! A LBP one. Should you care? I think it'll be good. It was a bit rough around the edges when I last saw it, but it looks spiffy.

Marvel Avengers: The Battle for Earth (360)

What is it? A fighting game of sorts based in the Marvel universe. Should you care? I'd give it a miss.

Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? A 'game of the year' style edition. Should you care? Meh.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories (PS Vita)

What is it? Spooky Silent Hill series makes it to PS Vita just a little too late for Halloween. Should you care? Nah.

Spy Hunter (3DS)

What is it? THE NOSTALGIA BURNS DEEP. Should you care? I know little about this game. My guess is no.


    I am secretly taking annual leave tomorrow. I will sneak out early to go to "work" then surprise my wife by arriving home while it's still morning with a copy of Halo 4 which we can spend the day playing together and save her having to wait until I get home with it at 6:30pm. Otherwise, she'll spend all day seething with jealousy as she watches everyone on her XBL friendslist play it.

    My coworkers think I'm mad for wasting leave by taking Melbourne Cup Day off since we usually get to knock off early and go to the pub, but who guives a toss about some stupid horses, right? I never win anything anyway, whereas I occasionally win at Halo.

    Last edited 05/11/12 10:06 am

      You sir, are the perfect husband.

        I'm flattered, but having the perfect wife is 90% of the battle.

          Is mark calling us noobs? Mate I have been playing for 3 weeks I think I would rape you, ps me and my gf passed campaign already just waiting so all of us can play multiplayer / co-op legit !!

            Wow, you've been playing for three weeks? Yes, you probably will beat someone who only got the game today. You're so cool.

    Marvel Avengers: The Battle for Earth (360)

    What is it? Kinect?
    Should you care? Kinect...


      I will be getting it just because it is marvel avengers and because I can.

    You noobs are going down! All of you! And your mother!

    Should you care? HALLOOOOOOOO!!!!
    Should you care? It's not Halo
    Should you care? Doesn't look remotely like Halo
    Should you care? It has guns, but no Halos
    Should you care? Bricks will be shat, but its not Halo
    Should you care? NO HALO

      What are you talking about you go to a space station thingy orbiting a halo that counts?


      You say goodbye, but I say Halo. Halo, halo. I don't know why you say goodbye I say Halo.

    Ooo I didn't realize LBP Karting was out so soon. I'm kind of interested in that, but I'm planning on picking up NFS Most Wanted today, so LBP may have to miss out until I see it going cheap.

    JB pre-orders of Halo (HALO HALO!) should arrive today by post, it looks like.

    Throwing down the gauntlet, I see!
    VERY WELL GOOD SIR! I accept your challenge Mr Serrels!
    Add me on the Box-of-X-Live, and we shall test our mettle in MORTAL* COMBAT!

    *not counting respawns

    I prefer elite MFs on my toast. Sprinkled lightly with the jibs of noobs.

    My pre-order experience with jb hasn't been that great. Both times I received the game a day after release. I suppose it depends alot on location.

    Finished Cryptum last night - such a wealth of information about the Forerunners. So hyped for Halo!

      You should try glass lands and the Thursday war

        Just started Primordium - Glasslands and the Thursday War are on my bookshelf ready to be read next. :P

    I vote in honour of Halo launch there should be a thread with everyones XBLA's (for sorry people like I, who have no halo-loving friends :(

      There is... the Gods of TAY have and maintain such a list.

      There's a price to see it though, and it is not... pleasant.

    More excited for new Halo then I thought I'd be.

    Didn't think LBPKarting was out this week... grab the pre-order goodies and put the money to Hitman.

    Saints Row 3 was actually amazing, and I've heard that the DLC was excellent, too, so yeah, you should care about that if you didn't play it before.

      Played it on pc with all DLC's great fun going to get it for my 360

    Loads of tactical crouching, incoming.

      Apparently it has killcams now, so there's a good chance there'll be less celebratory crouching than ever.

        Having played it now, this is very true.

        Appropriately, in one of my last games of Reach I had some douche empty his pistol into my corpse. Am not able to see that sort of behaviour on Halo 4 since I'm either watching the killcam or instaspawning!

        So the question is, if a douche teabags you while you're not watching, have you been teabagged?

      Yeah also most game types especially infinity slayer has a X to instant respawn on sooo celebratory crouching is minimal even though the mantis can teabag

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