This Week In... Oh Here Comes The Wii U

Oh man. The Wii U. Sweet lord above it has a lot of launch titles. A lot of those titles are just ports of previous 360/PS3 titles, and a lot of them exist as perfect definitions of 'shovelware'. A handful are probably worth buying. But first a general question: who's buying a Wii U this week?

Assassin's Creed III (Wii U)

What is it? LOL Should you care? I didn't like it. But it is Assassin's Creed. Tough choice.

Batman Arkham City (Wii U)

What is it? Arguably the best superhero game ever made. Should you care? I loved it. You probably already have it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Wii U)

What is it? LOL Should you care? I honestly don't think the Wii U is the platform for this. You can't even plug a LAN cable into it for online!

Darksiders II (Wii U)

What is it? That game I forgot to play that some people liked. Should you care? This might fall into the 'games I meant to play but didn't get round to' category. Could be perfect to try out on the Wii U.

Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade

What is it? I don't know. Should you care? NO!

Far Cry 3 (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? The biggest non-Wii U release of the week! Should you care? Hearing some really good things about this game.

FIFA 13 (Wii U)

What is it? Arguably the best sports game on the planet. Should you care? Again, is the Wii U the platform for this? I'd say no.

Funky Barn (Wii U)

What is it? The other Wii U game Australian developer Straight Right is working on. Should you care? Probably not.

Game Party Champions (Wii U)

What is it? STAHP. Should you care? No.

Just Dance 4 (Wii U)

What is it? Nuttin but a gangsta pahty. Should you care? Sure.

Mass Effect 3 (Wii U)

What is it? It's Mass Effect on the Wii U! Should you care? Hard to recommend it with the trilogy being released for the same price on PS3 and 360.

New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U)

What is it? The big one. Should you care? I say yes. Looks amazing. Same old Mario, but it's Mario.

Nintendo Land (Wii U)

What is it? I'd argue it's the must have launch game for the Wii U. Should you care? See above.

Rabbids Land (Wii U)

What is it? Another Rabbids game. Should you care? I always liked the Rabbids game, so I don't want to dismiss this, but I haven't played it at all.

Ratchet & Clank: QForce (PS3)

What is it? It's the new Ratchet & Clank game. Should you care? Sony has been quiet on this one. I'd say skip it.

Scribblenauts Unlimited (3DS/Wii U)

What is it? The game that lets you summon anything and forces you to realise how crap your imagination is. Should you care? Yeah, I think it's worth investigating.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U)

What is it? A sonic karting game. Should you care? I've heard this is actually quite good.

Sports Connection (Wii U)

What is it? A Ubisoft developed sports game. Should you care? I was all set to write this off, but Ubi do good stuff.

Tank! Tank! Tank! (Wii U)

What is it? This is actually an arcade port. Should you care? Nah. (Update: seems like loads of people love this! I honestly haven't check it out, so I recant my 'nah'.)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Wii U)

What is it? It's Tekken. On the Wii U. Should you care? Same thing applies — with online you might want to get this game on another platform.

Transformers Prime (Wii U)

What is it? Game based on a US TV show. Should you care? Not sure about this one.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 (Wii U)

What is it? A fitness game. Should you care? It's well made, but real life exercise is also awesome. I think these games work well as motivators though.

Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (Wii U)

What is it? One of dem hack and slash things. Should you care? No.

ZombiU (Wii U)

What is it? Ubisoft's premier core Wii U launch title. Should you care? I've heard people compare this to Dark Souls. Reviews have been mixed, properly mixed. From super strong, to weirdly low. Personally, I'm hyped for it.


    I am not buying a Wii U.

    I am buying Far Cry 3.

      Same. Ignoring the Wii U but getting Far Cry 3.

      I already have a Wii that's been gathering dust for years, I don't need another junk console to sit beside it.

      I'm semi interested in Far cry, but the second one I found to be mind numbingly tedious. So I'm very hesitant.

    In response to Ratchet & Clank: Q Force; "Sony has been quiet on this one. I’d say skip it."

    This game comes out with a RRP of $23, and is a shorter adventure much like Quest for Booty was, but includes what appears to be an interesting Multiplayer mode as well as a 4ish hour campaign. No its not the most amount of content we have seen from a R&C game, but for fans it will be great. Sony have been quiet about it, but they are quiet about anything and their marketing sucks.
    R&C games are (mostly) always quality and this one isn't like All 4 One at all. Plus, for that price, who can say no.

    This whole list feels remarkably half assed and based largely on personal opinion and lack of research.


        Well sorry but that's piss poor. Comments implying to write off the Wii U due to no Ethernet port is ridiculous. Seriously, are you living in the 90's? I haven't connected an Ethernet port to my console for ten years, play online every day with no dramas. Remember this is an Australian site and most will have a bottle neck much further up the line than the wireless protocol used.

        And here I am thinking Kotaku were unbiased, reporting facts with some level of technical competence.

        And no, I'm not getting a Wii U, so there goes the fanboy response....

          Wireless sucks. There's a reason datacabling is in the top five home improvements conducted each year.

          He's just making off the cuff remarks about each game. It's not like Mark is running for government and outlawing networked games on the WiiU. Perhaps a little perspective?

      Why so serious?

        Not the standard I'd usually expect from a list like this, considering people will probably use it to actually judge what they should and shouldn't get.
        Though I don't usually look at this series of articles so if they're all like this I guess it's excused.

          This is really more of a reminder, than a recommendation. Kotaku AU doesn't do reviews, and in that same vein I imagine Mark avoids overly recommending something he's not personally experienced with, in case people assume he's just shilling for (company x).

      +1, it really feels like this section should be called "This week in... Has Mark heard of these games and if not will he make up something to say in a few seconds without looking further." Why the hell wouldn't a Wii U be a good platform for a game like Fifa 13 or Black Ops II, especially since the Wii U is online capable, either through its inbuilt wifi or through its LAN adaptor (the same as for Wii, so if you had a wii connected to LAN, you already have the adaptor). I don't get it, did I miss something?

        I'd just rather play a multiplayer game like FIFA 13 on a more reliable cabled connection I don't have to pay extra for, using an online service I know works day one. I don't think that's crazy.

        And This Week In Games isn't really supposed to be this massively objective thing. If you have a different opinion on a game or console more power to you.

        I think it's more a case of the Wii U version of those games not being any better than the PS3 / 360 versions that you probably already own if you have any interest in those games since those versions have been out for a while. Plus the fact that the huge installed user base of those platforms mean that if you're playing online you'll have a much easier time finding people to play with there than you will on Wii U.

          Yeah that as well. There were 600 people playing Blops 2 on launch day. Pretty hard to find a game I would imagine.

            "Using an online service that works day one".......seriously? So you're not going to ever buy a new game on any new console in the future? Cause y know, their service may not work day one? Just because the were 600 playing it doesn't mean that is the capacity of the you'll probably find its easier to find a game.

              But the question remains - why would you buy either FIFA 13 or BLOPS2 on the Wii U if you also had the option of playing it on PS3 or 360? Those versions are as good as or better than the Wii U version, plus have large existing userbases playing on well-established online services. It's hard to make much of an argument for the Wii U version unless you don't already own a PS3 or 360.

        I'm pretty sure the MAIN point of these articles is to list the games coming out. The opinion piece is a bit of colour that brightens up an otherwise dull format and distinguishes games from each other.

        Or that's how I see it anyway.

        It's obviously not a serious, researched review - you need not give the opinion traction in your mind if you don't want to.

          +1 exactly, the opinion piece its own cute gimmick and complements the Kotaku community yet makes an apparent impression that it is not to be taken seriously.

          Yep, this.

          The reality is, Mark's not going to play/review every single game every single week. There is plenty of information on all of these games already, this is just a reference point.

        Actually comparisons of the wii -u vs ps3 and 360 show the wii -u has serious frame rate problems on blops2. I was going to get it on wii U but not anymore. Getting zombie, Mario and SEGA .

        I can't really speak for COD players, but any serious FIFA player will not be playing the latest entry in the series on the Wii U. Most would have already bought the game on release for PS3 or 360.

        After this, other systems get second-rate versions of the game left, right and center (like a lot of other multiplatform games do).

        PSP, Wii, 3DS, PC – you name it, it’s probably half-done. The Wii U version of the game has just been added to the list simply because third-party companies such as EA probably barely know the full potential of the Wii U yet. On top of this, the online scene is obviously yet to prove itself, and the only standard control option available is what appears to be a second-rate 360 pad (but who knows, it might turn out to be better).

      My sentiments exactly. Seriously, he's never played a game online on Wii U, and yet, he assumes it's rubbish. According to people who actually played the game, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has zero lag online. Oh, and it doesn't have a lan port >.> It supports Wireless-N, and, before everyone comes and magically doesn't have wireless, it also supports the USB lan adapter.

      I am kinda curious as to why Wii U isn't the console for either Call of Duty or FIFA, I thought those titles were really aimed at everyone no matter their hardware.

    "Tank! Tank! Tank! (Wii U)
    What is it? This is actually an arcade port.
    Should you care? HELL YEAH."

    Corrected a small error for you Mark. ;-)

    1. It's the spiritual successor to the awesome "Tokyo Wars",
    aka "That huge tank game we used to play at Timezone in the 90s".
    2. You and your mates drive tanks with ridiculously HUGE weapons
    3. You fight giant tentacle beasts/skyscraper robots with laser heads/mega crabs etc etc
    4. Did I mention fighting the skyscraper robots with laser heads?

    FarCry 3 will be picked up.

    The Ratchet & Clank game is better to think of it as Ratchet Gladiator from the PS2, plus it is under $30 and will be CrossBuy with the Vita version also.

    There was no plan on getting the Wii U, but for me, it won't be a consideration until they fix up the account locked to hardware issue.

    *cough* Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition *cough*

      Amen brother. That's the only thing I'm getting this week.

      Got my enhanced edition preloaded, gonna smash that stuff. Unfortunately i'm away from my pc for a week, but I will have farcry 3, hitman absolution, mark of the ninja and dishonored waiting for me when I get home!

      Baldur's gate is my favourite game of my modest 20 or so years of gaming... I know I will enjoy another replay =)

    "Should you care? Sony has been quiet on this one. I’d say skip it."

    If we did that for every Sony title that they've been quiet on this holiday season then no one would be buying LittleBigPlanet Karting, Wonderbook, or PlayStation All-Stars ... oh wait


    Last edited 19/06/15 9:46 am


      Last edited 19/06/15 9:45 am

        That demo is surprisingly fantastic. I enjoyed it very much and plan to pick it up sometime

    I Will buy a Wii U eventually. I am getting Far Cry 3 this week.

    wii u for me... gonna have to put up with nintendo land while i wait for my imports to come in (and hopefully some eshop stuff)

    will get far cry 3 when its cheap

      Same here. I've got NSMB U, ZombiU and Sonic Racing Transformed all coming from OZGS. They should be here before Christmas right?

        i certainly hope so... i got zombiu from ozgs but used for NSMBU cause it was cheaper ;)

        i order a fair bit from the uk and it generally takes 2-3 weeks... was really hoping they'd send out early but i haven't had notification and due to the massive amount of parcels coming up to xmas... we'll be lucky to get them i'd say :( *fingers crossed* though :)

          Well my average time for stuff from OZGS to come is about 7 working days. I'd probably expect double that because of Christmas. I just REALLY hope it comes before Christmas as there is no use in having a wii u and no games to play on it. And assuming they dispatch it on the 30th, that's 16 working days. Plenty of time but I'm still worried.

    I won't be buying a Wii U at launch. I'll probably get one eventually, maybe in 6 months or so once I can see what kind of games start coming out for it.

    Well seeing as I just bought a new PC and about to buy a 1965 Pontiac Lemans... I might refrain this week.

    I'll be getting Wii U Deluxe with NSMBU, still deciding on Far Cry 3.

    Would love to get a Wii-U but cannot justify it yet as there is not a single game I want to play. Bring on some decent rpgs!!
    But yes, Far Cry 3 people!! The editor looks like tons of hilarious fun. Land Sharks!!

    So much choice. So little time and money.

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    Black WiiU + ZombieU + Friday off = Super Fun Happy Day.
    Had this on preoder from EB for months.

    I am kinda of coming around on picking up Far Cry 3 since I'm not getting Black Ops and am still undecided on Hitman, but if I do pick it up it probably won't be til next month. I have had other expenditures which have tapped me out from frivolous purchases.

    That said, I am hoping I can dig up $15 for The Witcher 2 before the Steam Sale ends, because I spent a little time with Witcher 1 and while it is clunky as balls, I'm really enjoying it. Tempted to just skip ahead to the 2nd right now instead of waiting.

    Last edited 26/11/12 11:36 am

    I'll say I'm kinda excited for Darksiders 2. I'm currently playing #1 and it reminds me so much of Zelda the way it plays, just a more gory/violent Zelda haha
    You go around getting upgrades (like health), weapons (sword, scythe, a cross sword that works like the boomerang), I think later I get a horse, RPG elements where you upgrade abilities, story is quite cool and interesting art style.
    I'd say give it a go :)

    Wii U eh? Soon....

    I <3 you Serrels. Most honest opinions on the site.

    Far Cry 3. Preordered it ages ago and I can't wait to do everything in the Jungle. Every trailer since E3 has blew me away and I have no doubts it's a GOTY contender.

    Passing on the Wii U until 2013. Despite the excitement, there is not enough games to justify a Day 1 purchase. ZombiU looks & plays great (tried it out at the EB Expo) but $350+ for a game is just no.

    Well as someone who knows a thing or two about networking I should point out that there is absolutely no difference in latency playing on online game over an ethernet cable or through a wifi signal.
    As long as the wifi signal is strong and there is no interference on the 2.4Ghz band then you will get the same performance.
    The bandwidth needed for any online game is by nature of the internet infrastructure required to be as efficient as possible so i seriously doubt you would need the full bandwidth of a cabled gigabit adapter for any online game be it through a computer or game console.

    What sayeth you to that!

    Passing on Wii U, will be playing AC 3 this week.

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