This Week in the Business: 'PS3 Has A Great Future Ahead Of It'

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "PS3 has a great future ahead of it over the next few years." — John Koller, Sony VP, talking about the holiday season and future prospects for the PS3, as well as how it's a "marathon, not a sprint" for Vita.

QUOTE | "There is a deep and fundamental lack of professional ethics in the games media." — Rob Fahey, former editor of, talking about the pervasive influence of game companies on game journalists.

QUOTE | "If you looked at World of Tanks two years ago, when we launched, it looked like a piece of crap." — Victor Kislyi, CEO of, talking about the progress they've made with their games.

QUOTE | "I just don't have any faith in Disney's ability to truly leverage The Force for hardcore gamers."—James Brightman, US Editor for GamesIndustry International, talking along with other journalists about what Disney's Lucasfilm acquisition might mean to gamers.

STAT | 67 per cent — Percentage of the total time spent on tablets devoted to gaming, according to a study by Flurry; this compares to 39 per cent of the time on smartphones.

QUOTE | "Kinect is going to be something that everyone's going to want to own." — Matt Barlow, GM of product marketing for Xbox, talking about why the Xbox 360 is the best HD console now and into next year.

QUOTE | "The growth in social network gaming has slowed? That's like describing what just hit the East Coast as a 'storm'."—Steve Peterson, West Coast Editor for GamesIndustry International, commenting onwhat EA said about social games during its latest earnings call with analysts.

QUOTE | "What they're implicitly saying is that they don't think that games should tackle taboo subjects." — Chris Delay, co-founder of Introversion, talking about critics of their new game Prison Architect.

QUOTE | "If I pitch a new idea to my Kickstarter fans and nobody wants to fund it, I'm glad I didn't make it." — Brian Fargo, CEO of InXile, talking about why he'll keep using Kickstarter even if Wasteland II is a big hit.

QUOTE | "As we speak we are planning to release also all the games we've taken from their servers for free." — Hacktivist group Anonymous, writing in broken English about their plan to attack Zynga, and somehow hurt them by giving away Zynga's already free games.

STAT | 1 million — Number of sales that THQ's Darksiders II has probably exceeded so far, according to analysts; unfortunately, the break-even threshold is 2 million units

STAT | 75 per cent — Percentage of smartphones shipped in the third quarter that used the Android operating system; Apple's iOS was only 14.9 per cent of the smartphones shipped and Microsoft's Windows Phone was just two per cent.

STAT | $US9.7 million — Operating loss for Sega's games division last quarter on revenues of $US445 million; this compares to a loss of $US74.6 million last year, so things are getting better.

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    PS2 still sells to this day. PS3 is going to be making Sony money for a long time. Especially with singstar and such.

      I'm not sure that past success is indicative of success in this case. I love my PS3, but its not the sales juggernaut the PS2 was/is. Also, the complete detachment from reality Sony is in with the Vita is almost unbelievable. At this point they must know its a dud.

        The PS3 is more successful than the 360?

      Well... Technically speaking the numbers are quite close between the 360 and the ps3, especially when you take into account that the 360 had a years lead...

        If you factor in failure rates as re-buys rather than install base growth, things get VERY interesting.

    Kudos to Victor Kislyi and Wargaming, World of Tanks keeps getting better and better. I've just gone back to it after a 6 month hiatus and the overall improvement is incredible. (Admittedly I've gone from playing on a laptop to a new custom built gaming desktop, but still.) Improved graphics, more level and vehicle detail, totally immersive sound (you can tell which sides artillery is flying overhead just by ear), heaps more vehicles and customer support that works. On top of that is the feeling that the game is always been added to and improved, makes me happy to pour hard earned dollars into a free to play game.

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