This Week's Android Charts: The Angry Birds Star Wars Escalate

At this point I am running out of Angry Birds Star Wars images, so I've started using Photoshop filters I normally wouldn't touch. Hey look, it's Water Paper. Kids love Water Paper.

I knew Rovio's latest bird-flinger would dominate the charts this week, but I didn't take into consideration Android having both a paid and a free edition of Angry Birds Star Wars.

I can't wait to see which Photoshop filter I get to use next. I'm thinking Plastic Wrap, but Glowing Edges has a certain charm.

Top Paid Android Games - November 14, 2012

1. Angry Birds Star Wars Last Week's Position: N/A A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I totally saw this coming. Angry Birds Star Wars on Google Play

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition Last Week's Position: 1 (-1) Minecraft - If it were an FPS it would be called RunShoot. Minecraft Pocket Edition on Google Play

3. Need for Speed Most Wanted Last Week's Position: 3 (0) This is pretty much the position I finish all my Most Wanted races in. Need for Speed Most Wanted on Google Play

4. Where's My Water? Last Week's Position: 5 (+1) Has he checked behind the couch? Where's My Water? on Google Play

5. Angry Birds Space Premium Edition Last Week's Position: 4 (-1) I figured Angry Birds Space would lose ground with the release of Star Wars. I was right. Where's my cookie? Angry Birds Space Premium on Google Play

6. Grand Theft Auto III Last Week's Position: 2 (-4) Grand Theft Auto III was definitely force-pushed. Grand Theft Auto III on Google Play

7. Cut the Rope Last Week's Position: 6 (-1) Don't cry, dear, sweet Om Nom. Cut the Rope on Google Play

8. Draw Something Last Week's Position: 8 (0) Draw Something has occupied this spot for three weeks now. I do not know how to interpret that with art. Draw Something on Google Play

9. Fruit Ninja Last Week's Position: 9 (0) It's amazing to me that there's any fruit left at this point. Fruit Ninja on Google Play

10. Asphalt 7: Heat Last Week's Position: 7 (-3) How can Need for Speed Most Wanted and Asphalt 7 still be on the same chart? Asphalt 7: Heat on Google Play

Well that was certainly expected. What's topping the free Android charts?

Top Free Android Games - November 14, 2012

1. Angry Birds Star Wars Last Week's Position: N/A Did I mention there was a free version of Angry Birds Star Wars on Android? Angry Birds Star Wars on Google Play

1. Hill Climb Racing Last Week's Position: 1 (-1) Even the mighty Hill Climb Racing must fall. Hill Climb Racing on Google Play

3. Temple Run Last Week's Position: 4 (+1) Temple Run finally makes it out of the dreaded four zone! Pizza for everybody! Temple Run on Google Play

4. Angry Birds Last Week's Position: 3 (-1) This is because people were boning up on the original so they could keep up with the continuity. Angry Birds on Google Play

5. Family Feud and Friends Last Week's Position: 2 (-3) As with any family visit, this one's lasted far longer than it should. Family Feud and Friends on Google Play

6. Subway Surfers Last Week's Position: 10 (+4) Five. Five dollar. Five dollar foot longs. Subway Surfers on Google Play

7. Flow Free Last Week's Position: 6 (-1) Flow Free flip-flops in the face of the Force. Flow Free on Google Play

8. Words with Friends Last Week's Position: 5 (-3) Are we losing friends or losing words? Words with Friends on Google Play

9. Drag Racing Last Week's Position: N/A A CSR Racing rip-off in the nine slot? Yep, it's the Android charts. Drag Racing on Google Play

10. Fruit Ninja Free Last Week's Position: 9 (-1) Poor Fruit Ninja, dropped by a clone. Fruit Ninja Free on Google Play

How long with Angry Birds Star Wars dominate these lists? Stay tuned next week to find out that answer is at least another week!


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