This Week's Android Charts: Victory For The Incumbents

Now that last week's excitement has passed, it's back to business as usual from the weekly Android chart, with Minecraft re-elected into the top paid spot by a narrow margin.

There are plenty of familiar faces showing up in this week's Android charts, from Rovio's stable of birds and pigs to your own family and friends, trapped in a hellish nightmare quizscape they don't deserve. How could you?

Top Paid Android Games - November 7, 2012

1. Minecraft Pocket Edition Last Week's Position: 2 (+1) After a brief love affair with Grand Theft Auto III, Minecraft slips back into its top spot. Minecraft Pocket Edition on Google Play

2. Grand Theft Auto III Last Week's Position: 1 (-1) Grand Theft Auto III's wanted level drops slightly after a huge popularity push last week. Grand Theft Auto III on Google Play

3. Need for Speed Most Wanted Last Week's Position: N/A The Firemonkey racing game development prowess blows past mobile platform boundaries like they weren't even there. Need for Speed Most Wanted on Google Play

4. Angry Birds Space Premium Edition Last Week's Position: 3 (-1) Expect this one to drop even further next week, when a more Force-sensitive space birds game is out. Angry Birds Space Premium on Google Play

5. Where's My Water? Last Week's Position: 4 (-1) You'd think we would have found that water by now. It only took Ashton Kutcher two hours to find his car. Where's My Water? on Google Play

6. Cut the Rope Last Week's Position: 5 (-1) So many games being pushed back a space. Cut the Rope on Google Play

7. Asphalt 7: Heat Last Week's Position: 7 (0) Except for Asphalt 7. It seems quite keen on its corresponding slot. Asphalt 7: Heat on Google Play

8. Draw Something Last Week's Position: 8 (0) And look, Draw Something hasn't budged an inch. Somebody poke it with a stick, see if it twitches. Draw Something on Google Play

9. Fruit Ninja Last Week's Position: 9 (0) Okay, I lied. The entire back end of these paid charts is the same as last week's. Fruit Ninja on Google Play

10. Where's My Perry? Last Week's Position: 10 (0) I didn't even know I had a Perry. How odd. Where's My Perry on Google Play

I'm not sure if I am excited for tomorrow's Angry Birds Star Wars because of the game itself or the havoc it's going to wreck on these charts. Hopefully there'll be a free version to mix our second list up as well.

Top Free Android Games - November 7, 2012

1. Hill Climb Racing Last Week's Position: 1 (0) Two weeks in the top spot? This must be the best hill climbing racing game ever made. Hill Climb Racing on Google Play

2. Family Feud and Friends Last Week's Position: N/A Shouldn't that be Family and Friends Feud? Family Feud and Friends on Google Play

3. Angry Birds Last Week's Position: 3 (0) Angry Birds hold their ground in the face of an oncoming Force-storm. Angry Birds on Google Play

4. Temple Run Last Week's Position: 4 (0) Seriously, there is just no dislodging this damn game from the four spot. Try it. Here *hands you a sledgehammer* Temple Run on Google Play

5. Words with Friends Last Week's Position: 6 (+1) Moving u0p, but only because Android doesn't have LetterPress. Words with Friends on Google Play

6. Flow Free Last Week's Position: 7 (+1) Flow Free, as Free as the wind blows. Flow Free on Google Play

7. Bad Piggies Last Week's Position: 2 (-5) This is the lowest I've seen the bad piggies drop since the game launched. It is the end times. Bad Piggies on Google Play

8. Zombie Frontier Last Week's Position: 5 (-3) Sing it with me! Zombie, Zombie Crockett, king of the Zombie Frontier! Zombie Frontier on Google Play

9. Fruit Ninja Free Last Week's Position: 10 (+1) This is the beginning of an epic ninjas-versus-air hockey battle to end all battles. Fruit Ninja Free on Google Play

10. Subway Surfers Last Week's Position: N/A People that work at Subway do not appreciate this at all, let me tell you. Subway Surfers on Google Play

And that's what the Android game charts looked the day before Angry Birds Star Wars. Tune in next week, when everybody dies.


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