This Week's iPhone Charts: Battle Of The Facebook Ports

In an odd bit of unintentional coordination last week, Zynga and both launched mobile versions of their hit Facebook games on iOS on the very same day. This gives us a chance to answer a question with this week's charts: Who's players are more into mobile, Ruby Blast's or Candy Crush's?

Judging by the two apps' positioning on the free chart this week, one could infer that the answer is Candy Crush Saga, but that's not taking into account on important factor: Ruby Blast is not a very good port. It's only half of the Facebook version of the game, and not the half that's been driving new players to the web-based game in droves lately.

So I guess that question really wasn't answered after all. Hey look, Angry Birds Star Wars.

Top Paid iPhone Games - November 20, 2012

1. Angry Birds Star Wars Last Week's Position: 1 (0) Not expecting this one to go anywhere anytime soon. Angry Birds Star Wars on iTunes

2. Bloons TD 5 Last Week's Position: N/A Those evil balloons are back in the ultimate pop-centric strategy game. Bloons TD 5 on iTunes

3. Bad Piggies Last Week's Position: 3 (0) Bad Piggies beaten by balloons? Sad piggies. Bad Piggies on iTunes

4. Wreck-It Ralph Last Week's Position: 2 (-2) Finally saw this movie this past weekend. I would give anything for a mobile version of the racing game. Wreck-It Ralph on iTunes

5. Minecraft - Pocket Edition Last Week's Position: 6 (+1) Minecraft somehow finds the resources to build itself up a spot this week. Minecraft - Pocket Edition on iTunes

6. Flow Free Bridges Last Week's Position: 4 (-2) The Bridges of Flow Free County take a bit of a dive. Flow Free Bridges on iTunes

7. Tetris Last Week's Position: 9 (+2) Tetris never ceases to amaze me with its forward movement. Tetris on iTunes

8. Plague Inc. Last Week's Position: 7 (-1) The dreaded disease lingers longer than I expected. Plague Inc. on iTunes

9. Fruit Ninja Last Week's Position: 10 (-1) The official Fruit Ninja candy is actually an empty box of gummy bears. Not a true story. Fruit Ninja on iTunes

10. iGun Pro HD Last Week's Position: N/A This is a gun simulator. You can shoot them, arrange your gun rack. It seems like a silly thing. I want it. iGun Pro HD on iTunes

Now that we're locked and loaded, let's take this week's free apps by storm!

Top Free iPhone Games - November 20, 2012

1. Hill Climb Racing Last Week's Position: 3 (+2) Okay, now I am curious. What is it with this game? Hill Climb Racing on iTunes

2. Asphalt 7 Heat Last Week's Position: N/A Asphalt 7 goes free and races up the charts. Asphalt 7 Heat on iTunes

3. Are You Quick Enough 2 Last Week's Position: 8 (+5) The ultimate reaction test gets even more ultimate! Are You Quick Enough 2 on iTunes

4. Gangnam Style Massacre Last Week's Position: 2 (-2) Let it die with some dignity, people. Gangnam Style Massacre on iTunes

5. Aerox Last Week's Position: 1 (-4) Aerox's meteoric rise last week ends in a slow and gentle descent. Aerox on iTunes

6. Flow Free Last Week's Position: 6 (0) Flow Free holds steady in the sixth position, stubbornly refusing to yield. Flow Free on iTunes

7. Candy Crush Saga</strong Last Week's Position: N/A's colourful candy puzzler is a joy on the iPhone. Candy Crush Saga on iTunes

8. Ruby Blast Free Last Week's Position: N/A The gimped mobile version of Zynga's Ruby Blast Adventures takes its rightful position below Candy Crush Saga. Ruby Blast Free on iTunes

9. Reign of Dragons Last Week's Position: N/A Another one of those damn collectible card battlers clogs up the chart. Reign of Dragons on iTunes

10. Extreme Road Trip 2 Last Week's Position: 5 (-5) Extreming its way off of the charts. Extreme Road Trip 2 on iTunes


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