This Week's Windows Phone Charts: Windows Phone 8 Defeats Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars has topped the iPad charts, the Android charts and the iPhone charts since its release last week, but it doesn't dominate the Windows Phone charts, thanks to Windows Phone 8.

Or rather thanks to the game requiring Windows Phone 8, shiny new technology that isn't exactly sending Windows Phone 7 owners off to the upgrade store. Maybe once they realise it's the only way they can get Angry Birds Star Wars on their phone.

Until then, all hail the original Angry Birds! Long may it rain feathers down upon the heads of pigs.

Top Paid Windows Phone Games - November 15, 2012

1. Angry Birds Last Week's Position: 1 (0) An impressive showing in the face of the release of Angry Birds Star Wars! OK, so it had a leg up. Angry Birds on Windows Phone

2. Fruit Ninja Last Week's Position: 3 (+1) Not only is Fruit Ninja hanging on, it's climbing the charts. Fascinating! Fruit Ninja on Windows Phone

3. Earthworm Jim HD Last Week's Position: N/A This makes all the sense in the world. Earthworm Jim is my hero. Earthworm Jim HD on Windows Phone

4. Cut the Rope Last Week's Position: N/A I didn't realise that Cut the Rope wasn't previously available on Windows Phone until just now. How scandalous! Cut the Rope on Windows Phone

5. Angry Birds Star Wars Last Week's Position: N/A Only available on Windows Phone 8, Angry Birds Star Wars doesn't make the splash here that it did on every other mobile chart. Angry Birds Star Wars on Windows Phone

6 Doodle Jump Last Week's Position: N/A Welcome back, little Doodle Jumping dood. Doodle Jump on Windows Phone

7. Burn It All Last Week's Position: 5 (-2) All fires eventually run out of fuel and die. It's a process. Burn It All on Windows Phone

8. Cracking Sands Last Week's Position: 4 (-4) Cracking Sands has held on much longer than I thought it would. Cracking Sands on Windows Phone

9. Extraction Last Week's Position: 6 (-3) The Extraction list extraction slowly continues. Extraction on Windows Phone

10. Asphalt 5 Last Week's Position: N/A This rapidly ageing racer is on its last wheels as long as the top 10 is concerned. Asphalt 5 on Windows Phone

They can take away our money, but they can't take away our freedom!

Top Free Windows Phone Games - November 15, 2012

AE Skee Ball Last Week's Position: 3 (+2) I swear the entire Windows Phone gaming community is pulling some sort of trick on me. AE Skee Ball on Windows Phone

2. Xbox Live Extras Last Week's Position: 2 (0) I've given up on trying to teach people the definition of the word "game". Xbox Live Extras on Windows Phone

3. Flow Free Last Week's Position: N/A We can't quit you, Flow Free. Flow Free on Windows Phone

This Week's Windows Phone Charts: Windows Phone 8 Defeats Angry Birds Star Wars

4. Roller Coaster Last Week's Position: 1 (-3) Roller coaster... of love. (Say what?) Roller coaster. A hoo-hoo-hoo. Yes that's the same reference from last week. No it never gets old. Roller Coaster on Windows Phone

5. Sudoku Last Week's Position: 5 (0) Figures a game of number charts would stick around these number charts. Sudoku on Windows Phone

6. Minesweeper Last Week's Position: 9 (+3) It's about time people started playing Minesweeper. Minesweeper on Windows Phone

7. Pacman 8 Last Week's Position: 6 (-1) *just sighs* Pacman 8 on Windows Phone

8. Xbox SmartGlass Last Week's Position: N/A Not. A. Game. Xbox SmartGlass on Windows Phone

9. AE Jewels Last Week's Position: N/A It's just like Bejeweled, only its... just like Bejeweled. AE Jewels on Windows Phone

10. Lucky Fishing Last Week's Position: 7 (-3) Not as lucky as it was last week. Lucky Fishing on Windows Phone

And so the influence of Windows Phone 8 slowly creeps onto the Windows Phone game charts. How long before it completely dominates? I'm guessing forever. I could be wrong.


    Maybe we would buy Windows Phone 8 games.....


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