Three Entire Countries Had Their Assassin's Creed III Shipments Stolen

It seems that every single copy of the PC version of Assassin's Creed III bound for store shelves in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg was being shipped in a single truck. And that truck has been stolen by criminals.

According to this report from Dutch industry site EB, the theft took place on November 14. While Ubisoft claims the game's launch this week won't be affected, with new stock sourced from elsewhere, it has affected customers who preordered the limited "Join or Die" edition of the game, as this can't be re-manufactured.

While Ubisoft has passed on the barcodes and serial numbers of the stolen games to retailers, and has blacklisted those same numbers from its online authentication servers, you'd imagine the thieves knew exactly what they were doing. It's not like getting around PC DRM is the hardest thing in the world for people to do, criminals or not.

Complete voorraad pc-versie Assassin's Creed III gestolen [EB, thanks Michael!]


    Seriously? You really only need to steal one copy of a PC game to pirate it...

    ....if only some online saviour could steam in to save the day for the PC gamers...

    Oh, and my money is on a random truck thief kicking himself when he opens it up and sees boxes of AC3 rather than iPods or whatever else has a high resale value.

      Silly man. The thief wouldn't steal the game to pirate it... pirating is Illegal, don'tcha know?

    Now what's someone going to do with a truck full of Assassins Creed CD's?

      play frisbee

      Sell it on eBay or another site using a alias at a low price, people buy them and you get a profit. People will legit be that stupid to not wonder why it's such a low price an scoop it up.

      They'll all get sold at street markets, ebay etc. Man I hate criminals. I have to work for my money.

        You had to work for your money?
        That's weird...

          Yeah I know! Still have to! Man, it sucks.

          Actually I don't mind my job, but I'd love about 1000% more cash per annum. It would really help with the everything department.

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