Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Adds New Level (And Revert For Stupid Combos!)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 was always my favourite of the series. Why? Because of reverts allowing me to chain up combos into infinity, that's why! Oh man, messing around on airport, grinding into revert/manuals forever. The best. Now it seems that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is receiving a 'revert' update, for free, alongside three new levels taken from THPS3.

The levels are Los Angeles, Airport and Canada — good choices in my opinion. The maps themselves will cost 400 microsoft points, but the revert update is free and will apply across all of the maps, not just the THPS3 maps.

I realise there was quite a bit of disappointment regarding Activision's treatment of THPS HD, but the addition of THPS3 maps and the addition of revert has got me a little curious. Am I crazy? Should I leave it well alone?

I quite like the idea of taking revert into the THPS2 levels as well, and having a mess around, see what the potential is.

Maybe I'm crazy.

The new DLC hits December 4.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD 'Revert' DLC drops Dec. 4, everyone gets revert ability for free [Joystiq]


    Cannot wait

    I loved the THPS HD release, the lack of Revert was sad, but now BAM! it's coming in :D

    I would love Skate 4, or a new Tony Hawk's game

    And maybe an Agressive Inline game, that first one on the original Xbox was phenomenal

    i can't believe that it was not added as a standard, remaking one of the best games in history and they change stuff around........

    no cruise ship...? awwww!

      Oh snap...i had completely forgotten about the cruise ship level till you brought it up. feeling all nostalgic now. Prob a good thing i have THPS3 on PS1 still. brb

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