TY The Tasmanian Tiger Gets A New iOS Game (And It's Free)

TY the Tasmanian Tiger has a place in the hearts of many Australians. He's sort of the closest thing we have to a video game mascot. Now, what remains of Krome Studios in Brisbane has put together an iOS game featuring Ty and, never fear, it still employs all those Australian stereotypes you've come to know and 'love'.

The game is called TY The Tasmanian Tiger: Boomerang Blast. And if features boomerangs. Which you throw at bad guys.

"We’re excited about bringing TY back a decade after his first adventure", said Robert Walsh, CEO and co-founder of Krome, "TY The Tasmanian Tiger: Boomerang Blast! is a perfect way for gamers to rediscover the character’s sense of fun and mateship".

The game is available now on iOS for free.


    I played the first one and I hated it :p

    Hate the blinky bill-esque setting, it's more annoying than interesting.

      Yep, despite the fact I have a mate that worked on two of the three main Ty games, I just cringe whenever I see it.

      I mean "dunnies" as checkpoint markers? Really? REALLY?

    these ty piles of garbage make me embarrassed to be an australian game developer

    we actually make real games here too, please remember that

      real games like what?

      In the last couple of years we've also released Full House Poker for X360, Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp for Windows Phone, Play Maker for iOS and Whole Wide World for iOS. Thanks!

      Just out of curiosity, what games have you made bc?

      Last edited 08/11/12 10:37 pm

    i enjoyed the original but then again i was probably 12 or something and only liked it due to it being a character based on something from Tassie (home state) i would get this for my kids but thats about it

    For many years the Australian development community was seen as a great low cost for ports or children's titles. We were never trusted with the AAA franchises and the few times we have dipped our toe in that pond we showed they were right, that we just were not ready with shitty feature reduced titles or titles being pulled and given to international developers (Spacemarine anyone?).

    The TY games were made to hit a target audience and it hit it well, many years after the release I was at a 'Game On history of videogames" show in Melbourne. Two titles (of about 40) had the most people playing, one was 4 player Halo the other was Ty.

    I had a blast to see a title I had put so many hours into helping develop from the ground up being so popular with both young and old.

    @bc It has been 10 years since the first TY was released, it helped fund Krome to grow and develop it's other titles like Hellboy and Starwars. Without it they would still be making Barbie titles and surfing games.

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