Ubisoft Considering Co-op For Assassins Creed III Sequels

A report on website TGL claims to have screengrabs of a survey currently being conducted by Ubisoft, sounding out people's thoughts on the future of the Assassin's Creed franchise.

The two pertinent questions they've posted give an insight into things Ubisoft is obviously thinking about. The first is asking whether people would be into the idea of another player jumping into your singleplayer campaign to give you a hand. The second is seeing how interested you'd be in another Assassin's Creed III game next year (so, think Assassin's Creed III: Brotherhood, etc).

The latter is almost to be expected, since Assassin's Creed II got two sequels, but co-op would be a welcome and long-overdue addition to the series.

New Ubisoft survey talks next Assassin's Creed title, could ship next year with co-op [TGL]


    Co-op is great for on-rails genres like fps, but for games that emphasise open world exploration that is sometimes more interesting than missions, this would, in my opinion, limit the experience while in co-op mode.
    However I can see merit in the sense that it will take strategy to a whole other level for those occasional huge assassinations.

    Why would it be welcome and long overdue to a game that is supposed to be stealth and single player? What's it going to be like the 2 splinter cell guys who are special special friends. Ubisoft can cram Assassins Creed up their butt and if they want my Conner statue I'll gladly stick him there too.

    The game's already easy enough. Surely. Unless the game is going to place emphasis back upon the strategy of planning, distracting, and stealthily killing your target, I can't see co-op as an excuse for anything but to send waves and waves of enemies after you...

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    I don't want another AC unless it's set in the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, or ancient Rome. Completely tired of the series, they have proved they can't top AC2, so why hold out hope for something better?

      also chinese dynesty

      YES!!! Russian revolution would be so good. Climbing Saint Basil's Cathedral.....oh god...

    AC 3 sequels? They really want to kill this franchise.

    Pretty sure the article states that they are conducting survey's to see if we, the fans, want this in the series. You can't really whinge about Ubisoft when it will be the peoples influence that get coop in the game. How can they kill a franchise that does well with every iteration? People keep buying so they'll keep churning out sequels and spin offs. Simple as that!
    Gamers seem to have this outrageous sense of entitlement these days.

    Ninja theme + Co-Op feature

    Not welcomed unless they change the battle mechanics.
    Whats the point of having someone else there when you can plow through absolutely everyone single handedly (and so easily)?

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