Vice City's Mobile Makeover Will Take Your Self Control

The neon-soaked streets of Vice City have never looked as good as they do in next week's 10th Anniversary Edition for iOS and Android. The fingers are still fused together, but the bodies attached to them are better than ever.

When I first watched this trailer I was a little shocked. This is not how I remembered Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The Vice City I played on the PlayStation 2 was perfect. The characters were shockingly life-like; the animations smooth and silky.

Then I checked out the original trailer.

Wow. It's amazing how fond memories colour one's recollections, isn't it? I take this as proof that graphics don't matter as long as you're having a good time.

And we'll be having a damn good time when the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition hits iTunes and Google Play on December 6.


    Well I hope the "controls" are good.. China Town Wars has awesome controls.. GTA3, not so much.. not awful.. but not wonderful either.

    Clearly someone didnt play this on the PC, cause this is EXACTLY how I remembered it looked (maybe crappier)

    It's still wonderful. It had the best soundtrack and the best gameplay out of every GTA. And it was also the first GTA I played. Love the memories, can't believe its been 10 years.

    I couldn't handle Chinatown Wars or GTA 3 controls on my iPhone.

    I had a similar experience recently. The recent trailer for GTA5 encouraged me to plug in the ps2 and play San Andreas. Man it was not what I remembered at first. It was hard to play, and the graphics were poor (compared to my memory distorted expectations). Still, after an hour or two I remembering why I loved the game so much. I hope they bring SA to iOS. ( but I dare say I'll be playing vice city too)

      Yeah I don't mind the old graphics but the controls feel way too loose, and having the shooting mapped to the face buttons now feels wrong!

    I finished GTA 3 on my iPhone 4S, so anyone bitching about the controls, put that in your pipe and smoke it... Looking forward to this! If San Andreas comes out, it will convince me to get an iPad Mini 2 (I want my Retina!).

    Ain't no retina display on the iPad mini. Not even close. Roughly half a retina (162ppi)

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