Victoria's Secret Features An Unexpected Anime Inspiration

When you think Victoria's Secret, you probably think lingerie. Makes sense! Because that's exactly what the company makes and sells. You, however, do not think Japanese animation. Right now, though, you will. That's because the famed underwear maker showed an unlikely inspiration at its recent fashion show.

On November 7, Victoria's Secret had its models hit the catwalk in New York City, showing off an array of colourful (and skimpy!) outfits. Much of the underwear was inspired by things like butterflies, fairy tales, and Victorian lingerie — the kinds of things you'd imagine would inspire the designers at Victoria's Secret.

Model Jourdan Dunn, however, strutted out in a body suit that was clearly an homage to the plugsuits worn in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Plugsuits are the outfits the anime characters wear while piloting their Eva units. In particular, Dunn was wearing a plugsuit like the character Rei Ayanami wears.

Japanese animation is mainstream, sure, but it's still surprising to see Evangelion evoked at a Victoria's Secret fashion show, while Justin Bieber prances about. You have to wonder if people in the audience knew what the outfit was referencing.

A new Evangelion film, Evangelion 3.0; You Can (Not) Redo, is coming out soon in Japan, so the timing for the plugsuit outfit could not be better. Wonder if this is a subtle part of the film's promotion or just a kwinky-dink. A skin tight one, at that.

Thanks mr_raccoon for the tip!


    lol justin beiber looked shocked in one of the photos lol

    Did they actually come out and say it was an homage? or is it still just as likely that one of their designers happened to see a picture of Rei and decided they'd do that but with cheap looking space sparkle cleavage and what looks like two strips of green-screen tape?

      My thoughts exactly. It just seems random and out-of-place. I mean of all places to promote. I wonder how many people from the crowd even know about Evangelion. Just sayin' :P

    It's ironic that Rei is an clone, too... one of many!

    Should have made a Asuka suit considering the red is a lot sexier plus she was more attractive then the clone without any depth.

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