Vita Is Getting A New Uncharted, But It's A Card Game

Now this could very well be an excellent card game, but it's still a card game. Clearly not the action-adventure experience you might think of when you hear the name Uncharted.

For more on this upcoming Vita game — called Uncharted: Fight For Fortune — head on over to the PlayStation Blog.


    It looks boring, trailers really now helping its case either.

      There's only so much you can do with a trailer for a card game, I suppose.

    Yeah must be hard to use your brain instead of just running around in cod killing everything

    It's amazing how stupid whoever came up with this is, as well as anyone who gave it a greenlight.

    "Drakes Fortune: Lost To Sully In A Card Game"

    It actually looks like the card game in Rage which is a shame since that was rather dull. If it had character commentary it might be slightly more interesting but just sound effects? No thanks.

    I think this looks alright. I don't mind card games like this though. Like the way it's linked to Golden Abyss Collectibles. The collectibles in other uncharted games have been pretty pointless - but Bend made them much more interesting.

    It's hard to tell from the trailer whether it'll be fun or not. You kindof need to have a rules explained trailer for that.

    Hope it's very casually priced, cause I do see it as an extra to Golden Abyss.

    Where's the UnKarted game by Naughty Dog that was bound to happen? Disappointed

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