WASD Should Be Way Higher On This Piece Of Keyboard Art

This piece of art is super clever, but I'm totally calling it out. It's supposed to represent the regularity with which we use specific keys — the higher the keys are in the image, the more often they're used. My first major call out is this: WASD appear to be pretty high here. But they SHOULD BE HIGHER!

Also — the space bar? Did they just absent mindedly forget about that?

Weird tangent. I'm totally left handed, which has always caused me problems when it comes to PC gaming. I find it hard to use the mouse with my right hand, so I usually end up completely having to change everything. Bizarrely, my 'WASD' is actually PL;'.


Frequency of Letter Use [I Love Charts]

Via Gizmodo


    It's just art man. Cool you have an opinion though. Right about the space bar. WTF?

    One of these based on real data on frequency of use would be really interesting.

    If they did the spacebar, it would block out the majority of the other keys.

    I guess they're only doing the regularity of use thing for the letters, because I imagine space, backspace and enter get used fairly often as well. Still, a cool piece of art.

    It depends how they've worked out the height of each letter.
    For example, my brother and I wore out the 5 key on our keyboard playing Doom and then Duke Nukem 3D because the rocket launcher was our weapon of choice in both. (We weren't gentle back then and really got into the games.)
    They've probably done it according to commonly used words and how often the letters appear in them.

    At first i was like... aahh true they should be like meters high... but no... its obviously just for spelling not gaming and command keys.

    I think they've just googled "most commonly written letter" and found the letter frequency list on Wikipedia and represented it visually.

    Interesting, definitely, but given the PC gaming culture, definitely not accurate.


    the reason why the WASD keys aren't that high is because its a mac keyboard.

    EDIT: damn, didn't see the windows logo key at first.

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    Personally I don't think the arrow keys are high enough. Regards, Southpaw.

    I always thought southpaws would use the arrows not PL;’.

    It'd be interesting to have a keylogger that just tracks how many times each button gets pushed. Chart how the usage varies over time and stuff, including all the non-letter keys. Also pairs too come to think of it.

    I think the reason caps lock is so low is because people only press it once- the first time they ever turn on their new computer AND THEN IT GETS LEFT ON FOR ALL ETERNITY AMIRITE GUYS IT TOLD ME TO CONTINUE I HAD TO PRESS THE ANY KEY BUT I CANT FIND THE ANY KEY WHY DOESNT ANYONE ANSWER ME WHEN I TALK LIKE THIS, etc.

    this is probably accurate however since this apple-esque keyboard doesn't look like it'd belong to a gamer

    What about the x key? For xxx or super xxx?

    Derrrrr a majority of computer users aren't games.

    Clearly though, that is a Mac keyboard, so no thoughts about gaming

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