Watch Freddie Wong's Hitman Promo Video

Filmmaker Freddie Wong isn’t making a documentary about cleaning the pool here, but a Hitman promo clip. It’s a little over four minutes long and way better than the Hitman movie Hollywood churned out a few years ago.

Hitman Absolution [Tumblr]


    So so good!!

    he failed at getting the Silent Assassin ranking in the first 30 seconds, if he looked around I'm sure he would have found a pile of clothes somewhere. using the syringe and knocking the sound guy out also would have been OK too, I think??

    At any rate he will have to do it all over again.

    Last edited 01/11/12 1:50 pm

    that reminded me of the mission in blood money i think it was called a new life

      Yeah same, prob one of fav missions.


    Oooops at 4:11, camera showing on right-hand side.

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