Watch Link Travel Through Apple Products In This Pretty Short Film

The Legend of Zelda is a digital journey, but this particular journey transcends the digital. And it transcends the console too.

The paper effects you see off the computer (iPhone, iPad, etc) screens were rendered on Final Cut after the video was taken, but everything else is simply a matter of syncing up the individual videos on their respective devices. Must've taken quite a bit of effort to make sure they came out just right. You can check out the behind the scenes video to see more about how it was made.

The Legend of Digital Zelda [YouTube via Viral Viral Videos]


    Wow.... that was actually pretty good! I'm also kinda wishing Nintendo would release Zelda for Mac/PC now....

    link should have been a web url. not a disk. Just saiyan

    What utter apple fanboi drivel. Badly drawn chars that barley look like anything from the franchise on a platform that has zero to do with it and almost zero to do with gaming in general.

    So many Apple products. Not sure if it's advertising Zelda or Apple.

    Pretty neat, even if the drawing was placed face up on the scanner meaning they would have just got white coming through. They also call Link, Zelda in the Making Of video. >_<

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