Watch: One Does Not Simply Frequent-Fly Into Mordor

Created by Air New Zealand and WETA Workshop, the folks who do all sorts of production design for The Hobbit, which comes out in just a month (!), this might be the best air safety video I’ve ever seen. Watch out for a Peter Jackson appearance, too.


    Haha that was nice


    I cant believe I just watched a flight safety video... and enjoyed it.

    Wow. While a fair bit over the top - it's lovely to see. Air New Zealand is a great airline, and I use it every time I head over there - good country too. :)

    Sad to see the sexual innuendo in there, totally inappropriate for a "family" airline. Imagine sitting next to the old granny or young child and seeing that, I wouldn't be comfortable

    Air New Zealand is nice as are the LOTR films, but I found that awful to watch.

    The only substantial cameo was Peter Jackson and he didn't even deliver his lines right. Also, the whole "this is where middle earth was filmed!" tourist card has been done to death, I'm sure everyone who cares knows already.

    More footage of the country's natural beauty, less wanky film extras with strong accents.

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