Watch Six Minutes Of Crysis 3 Gameplay Footage

I bought a PC purely to play Crysis and was thoroughly blown away by the scale. Yet I thoroughly enjoyed the added focus of Crysis 2. Crysis 3? It looks like it incorporates a bit of both. This new gameplay footage is looking just a little bit schmick, I recommend watching it.

I really like the Crysis series, and it actually surprises me that it doesn't get a little bit more mainstream love. It has its own unique feel, a fun balance of abilities, and it looks amazing.

This footage just reinforces that for me. Crysis 3 is looking great so far.

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    Just recently got Crysis 2, thanks to it being free on PS+. I enjoyed it for maybe an hour or two, then just started to get a bit bored of it and stopped playing. Am I missing something? Is it worth persevering with?

      The later levels improve and open up more, becoming a bit more strategic and enjoyable, though it's never nearly as open as Crysis 1 was. I thought it was a great game and enjoyed playing through it to the end.

      I've seen some of the most amazing things I've seen in an FPS, in Crysis 2. But it's a bit of an awesome, average shooter in my book.

    I echo your sentiments about the series Mark. Although I loved Crysis 2 more then 1 (mainly due to the bugs) but mostly because I never grew tired of sneaking behind someone and driving a knife through their head =P Crysis 3 looks amazing, I just hope they take the time to fine tune the engine and make it optimised as much as possible. It's one thing to have a beautiful engine, its another to have it optimised. I've got a pretty good computer, but I also run 3 monitors, and Crysis 2 looks amazing across 3, so Crysis 3 will look spectacular!

    Is this gameplay on PC or on a console? The movements made by the player give me the impression it's being played on a controller

      I dont get why they do this, it's definitely gameplay from a pc but using an xbox controller, maybe to make the console gamers happy but showing the quality of the game? or they just haven't figured out to key bind for the keyboard yet like most console 1st games.

    Really liked Crysis and Crysis Warhead. I do miss the big landscapes and finding your own way around and having some choice. Even just playing around in the environment with vehicles, destroying things and so forth. Getting side tracked from the mission. I'd love more of that and bigger.

    However Crysis 2 gets a lot of unfair slack. In a way though, I think part of what you talk away from it is in how you play it. You can pretty much play it straight down the line with Armour and guns blazing. Trying to play it with more stealth makes it so much more fun. I was all worried about it, but to me as someone who had played Crysis and Warhead a bunch of times through. I thought Crysis 2 felt and played like a Crysis game.

    That's just the impression I have from people who didn't like it, they kind of went straight down the middle. Where as I wanted to be stealth and explore ect.

    I have big hopes for Crysis 3

    Awesome, its looks more like the Crysis I know and love, number 1. Having said that I think I'm going to go play Crysis 2 again this weekend..... oh wait that means firing up Origin. I wonder if my copy will install on Steam?

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    Wow this looks amazing graphically and the gameplay looks like a blast too, glad to say that after being disappointed with Crysis 2 gameplay and graphics-wise. I'm in the multiplayer alpha and it doesn't look half as good as this, but that could be a result of the extremely sucky and only map that's available in it. They seem to have improved the suit mechanics from Crysis 2 as well, but unfortunately it's still nowhere near as good as the Crysis 1 mechanics of having 4 suit modes that you constantly switch between. Speed mode sprinting up to people and then at the last second switching to strength and punching them in the face is just amazingly satisfying.

    Also I have to ask what is with Psycho in this video? I know this game is meant to be quite a few years in the future but he just looks completely different. Like all his distinguishing facial features are completely gone and also they seem to have changed his voice actor, lame.

    Loved the first. 2nd not as much, but the actual controls I felt were much enhanced. A bit hard to go back to the 1st and have to muck around changing from stealth to armour constantly.

    But the feel of the first... still in my book the best FPS for the PC.

    VERY pretty! Looks like it'll bring my gtx580 to it's knees...

    Next gen I'll upg I think. gtx780 sounds good...

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